Highgrounds is a FREE multiplayer strategy game with over 200+ collectible units. Defeat your opponents by being more clever when building your army and by outmaneuvering them on the battlefield.

Highgrounds is an original multiplayer CCG with over 240 collectible characters. It’s been called “Magic: The Gathering without the cards.” Each unit is a unique personality with two special abilities. You must build your army carefully, and then outwit your online opponents by artfully crafting your formation. The game features an 8 Act single player campaign, weekly multiplayer tournament, daily events, and more.

Highgrounds can be played live or in a “play-by-mail” style: start games and then come back as your opponent takes their turn. The game has a vibrant community of players, which you can connect with on the official forums and the Heart Shaped Games Chat Room.

Play now at www.highgroundsgame.com!