The issue that has always been important to me is the situation of health and nutrition in our society. Not only it addresses the issues of lower stratum of society but also middle and upper stratum of the society. However, I will focus on malnutrition that affects a large chunk of population in our country. AS many people are living below the poverty line (approx. 29.5%, as of 2017 statistics)that’s why it is obvious that the issue of malnutrition is very prevalent.

The organization that addresses this issue is HANDS (Health and Nutrition Development Society). I have not had the opportunity to working as a volunteer. But the information that I learned from the services of the organization is that HANDS primarily focuses on health and nutrition, not only of children but adults especially women. A malnutrition stricken woman will not be able to conceive and if she does the new born will be a weaker one and that weakness will remain with him/her throughout the life, and if the new born is a girl, then when that girls reaches child bearing age then she will also give birth to a weak child. Hence, the cycle goes on.

Therefore, the vitality of this issue can be measured from the above mentioned scenario. Also, if the children of our society are not properly nurtured and provided adequate nutrition then this also affects the mental growth. If the mental growth is retarded due to poor nutrition then it requires an extra potential to make the children intellectually grown up.

Apart from that to make the awareness of nutrition far and wide the organization is training individuals from local areas that can further that information to all the community. Hence, a well aware society can effectively lessen if not eradicate an issue that can cause great harm if left unaddressed

These are all the valuable lessons that I learned from the organisation’s services and achievements.