5 Incredible Health Benefits That Come With A Tantric Massage

Georgia Eden
Sep 21, 2018 · 4 min read

Tantric massage is a well known and widely practiced experience that can prove immensely satisfying as well as beneficial to those who regularly take advantage of it.

In the modern day this incredibly intimate and sexual activity has gained both the attention and acceptance of many thanks to the range of both short and long term benefits that come with enjoying one.

For those of you who’ve never heard of tantra, or, are simply deciding on whether to book one, you may wish to know the full extent to which the benefits can instill lasting happiness. So, today I’m going to take you through why I recommend such an experience to so many.

What Is Tantric Massage?

Of course, before going through the boasted health benefits, you may be interested to know what tantric massage actually is, and a little about it’s background.

The practice of tantric massage originated from hundreds of years ago, but despite popular belief, only truly gained recognition in India in the 1970s. It’s popularity grew further once it spread to California in the 1980s when many began to open their people minds to a new form of sexuality.

In today’s world the true meaning/goal of a tantric massage has become muddied. Unfortunately, there a now very few agencies who offer an authentic tantric massage.

1 - Pain Relief

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the expert touch of gentle masseuse can relieve pain throughout your body.

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Sore/tense muscles can be safely targeted by therapist who’s been professionally trained in order to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

In October 2002 a study by Christopher Quinn, Clint Chandler & Albert Moraska in which they compared massage therapy and the frequency of chronic tension headaches. In the results of the study they found “A reduction in number of headaches per week was noted for all subjects within the first week of massage treatment”, a reduction which was “maintained during the 4 weeks of the treatment period”.

2 - Improves Sexual Drive

With the many pleasurable stimulations that come with the skin on skin contact of a tantric experience, you’re certain to have your sensual energy enhanced.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, the soft and calculated touch of a professional masseuse is certain to help feelings of sexual frustration as well as allowing you the freedom to explore your inner desires.

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It’s even worth trying if you’re in a couple! I myself know that a relationship needs a new experience to spice things up. Well, there’s no better way than with an expert therapist who offers a safe atmosphere in which you can both reach a satisfying climax.

3 - Stress Relief

The relaxing nature of a tantric massage is guaranteed to instantly take away some of the stress that builds in many individuals over time.

Just a single session can help combat acute stress, and in a number of cases has reportedly benefits those struggling with depression.

So, whether it’s work, divorce, moving or simply the stress of everyday life, I highly recommend taking advantage of the chance to revitalize with such an amazing treatment.

4 - Improves Sleep

Improvements to sleeping patterns and the general quality of your sleep is one of both the short and long term benefits that will come from a tantric massage.

Not only will you have a calm night of sleep following your massage but scheduling regular sessions will allow such quality continue on a daily basis, as well as help those with conditions such as insomnia.

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5 - Improves Blood Circulation

Better blood circulation is part of the chain reaction that takes place in your body as a result of receiving massage therapy on a consistent basis.

Tantric massage is a professional treatment, and therefore facilitates circulation because the pressure created by the masseuse actually moves blood through the congested areas.

Heath Benefits Of Tantric Massage

Read to find out some of the surprising but incredible…

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