The Lack of Why & How It Affects Us

© 2015 H.J. Tanner

I don’t know about you but I’ve been to a suicide Inquest. During the Inquest the main objectives were to pin down four criteria. Who died? Where did they die? When did they die? How did they die? Everything pertaining to Why did they die? was missing. The Law didn’t want to know why.

Recently I was assessed for a physical and medical reason over the phone. Being someone who firmly believes in mind over matter I acknowledged the questions that came up on my mental well being. However when I tried to take this a step further and explain the “why” of my answer I was told that there was no room on the form for that. But what about when your yes or no involves the why? And / or maybe it involves trauma and very definitely does have a lot to do with the physical problem?

This happens all over the place. No one wants to know why. Why doesn’t seem to affect the outcome or the understanding and everything seems incredibly black and white over the issue. Yes or No? Why? ….

Red tape has gagged and silenced the “why” and made humanity into a race of box tickers.

My kids are always asking why? Or sometimes it manifests as “why not?” Depending on the overall parenting situation at the time! Sometimes I have an easy response or other times not so. Why is the sky blue? OK. Why did my dad die? Er … not so much. But they do ask and I do listen and I provide the best reply I can with the resources I’ve got.

Do you have a similar feeling about why?

Are your whys? being taken seriously?

Does your workplace care about why?

Does your partner care about why?