Beautiful Kisses

Heather Kinnane
Feb 26 · 4 min read

Shy girls need love, too.

“I’d prefer if you only saw me dressed.” She pulled away from their embrace as his hand pushed the strap along her shoulder.

“You don’t want to take things further?” The disappointment on his face was clear. After months of building up a relationship, she didn’t want to hurt him. But she did not want to hurt herself, either. She knew what her body looked like-it was nothing like the celebrities he admired, and she couldn’t bare the look of repulsion she knew she would see if he saw her.

She shrugged and turned her face away. He reached around and took her chin gently in his hand, and when he turned her face towards him she felt a tear escape and slide down the length of her nose.

“You tell me I’m beautiful, and I know you believe it, and you make me believe it too. But these clothes-“ She looked down at the high waisted skirt and the long, loose fitting singlet top that accentuated the feature she was proud of, her breasts. “These clothes hide all the lumps and bumps from view. You think I am slim, but underneath this is a saggy, flabby stomach, and chunky thighs. You don’t need to see that!”

He shook his head. “I tell you you’re beautiful because you are beautiful. Inside and out. When I say the words, I am talking about the radiance that shines from within — that spark that lights up your whole face when you smile, the joy I see in your eyes, the care you show for others.”

She knew his words were meant to comfort, but they confirmed he did not find her physically attractive, and more tears escaped her closed eyes.

He must’ve realised, for he continued. “But even without your inner beauty, you are still a beautiful, attractive, desirable woman. Your inner beauty just adds to it,” he said. He leaned in to place a kiss on each eyelid.

“Your silver-grey eyes are beautiful,” he said. He kissed the tip of her nose. “Your perfectly straight nose is beautiful.” He kissed her lips, and she returned the kiss, smiling now through the tears. “Your soft, full lips are beautiful.”

He trailed kisses down her neck, commenting each time on the beauty of her ears, her chin, her neck. He paused at her shoulder, his hand at the strap waiting for her permission to push it aside. She hesitated, but nodded, and he kissed her shoulder. “The curve of your shoulder is beautiful.”

She laughed. He continued to kiss his way down her arm, pointing out his favourite qualities of each part. When done he returned to her neck, where he lay a trail of gentle kisses along the top of her semi-exposed breast. He slid the strap off her other shoulder, and she watched him through hooded eyes, as he paused to await her permission before allowing her top to fall and gather at her waist.

He looked up at her, making sure it was what she wanted. She nodded again, and when his mouth closed over her nipple she gasped with pleasure. As his lips and tongue explored her breasts and travelled down to her navel, she found herself loosening the tie on her skirt, and pushing top and skirt to the floor. He moved to carry her to the bedroom, a final kiss on the lips before he continued his exploration, his finger cupping the elastic of her knickers to remove them in his quest to get to her womanhood.

Though each kiss had sent shivers down her spine, it was not until his tongue slid across the top of her clit that she truly allowed herself to relax.

“Oh my-.” She gasped as he worked her clit, his fingers finding the entrance to her slit and filling her up inside. Her hips moved, and she realised she’d ran her fingers through his hair to grasp his head as she ground against his mouth, panting and moaning and allowing herself to be taken over by the pleasure that consumed her body.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered through moans, as his mouth left her. “Please.”

She gasped again as he removed his fingers and plunged his tongue as deep as it would go, tasting her, licking and lapping and exploring her every crevice. Soon his tongue was back on her clit, his fingers working inside her as her body’s primal instincts took over and she moved with the sensations.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” She moaned as her whole body clenched, sinking back into the bed to recover.

He watched her for a moment, a smile on his face, before speaking. “How do you feel?”

“Beautiful,” she said, her own smile growing with the realisation.

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Heather Kinnane

Written by

Author of steamy romance and erotic shorts. Check out my books at

Heather Kinnane’s Steamy Stories

Quickie sized steamy romance and erotica. Find links to my books at:

Heather Kinnane

Written by

Author of steamy romance and erotic shorts. Check out my books at

Heather Kinnane’s Steamy Stories

Quickie sized steamy romance and erotica. Find links to my books at:

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