Shared Sexual Fantasies

Heather Kinnane
Jan 16 · 6 min read

Jack has longed to see his wife with another woman, and truth be told, she wants it too.

The doorbell rang, and Stella glanced at the clock; 2 pm, she had a few hours yet. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, though it did little to quell the rising nerves. She was about to do something she’d never believed she would, and now excitement mixed with terror. What if she hated it?

Jack was talking to someone down the hall, Stella could hear their voices getting louder as they approached. She frowned. Why was he bringing guests to their bedroom?

“This is Daisy.” Jack appeared at the door, indicating the woman trailing behind. “She’s early.”

Daisy was gorgeous. Slim, professionally dressed in a business suit with a thigh length fitted skirt, and sleek black heels. Her make-up was just enough to accentuate her stunning green eyes and when she smiled she instantly put Stella at ease.

“I’m so sorry,” Daisy said. “I double booked. And I would have called but then I dropped my phone in the sink while I was doing the dishes, and then — ”

“It’s fine.” Stella waved away Daisy’s concerns. “A few hours earlier won’t make a difference.”

Butterflies danced in her stomach. She was really going to do this. Jack had played out plenty of her fantasies; and she’d always wanted to return the favour. She dared not admit this particular fantasy had been one of her own. What would people think if she admitted to wanting such a thing? But life was meant to be experienced, wasn’t it? How awful would it be to get to the end of your life and regret never being brave enough to try the things she’d wanted to try?

Daisy looked at her. “Are you sure?”

Stella took a deep breath. She’d been excited at the prospect–what would it be like to be pleased by another women? To please another women? And all while her husband watched? It played right into her fantasies of being watched, and added an extra dimension.

“I want this,” she said. “I’m just slightly terrified at the prospect, too.”

“First time?” The other woman’s expression softened.

Stella nodded.

“We’ll start slow, ease into it. And if at any point you feel it’s too much, let me know. We’ll stop straight away.”

Stella felt the tension ease in her shoulders. “Okay.”

Daisy smiled. “Now, lets start with the two of you. Jack, you need to kiss you wife. Help her loosen up, get her in the mood!” Jack and Stella gave each other a peck, Stella letting a giggle escape.

Daisy shook her head, but she was smiling. “Pretend I’m not here. I’ll join in when I see you’re comfortable.”

Jack leaned in and kissed his wife again, gently nibbling her bottom lip. She kissed back, focusing on his lips, the feel of his body against hers. She felt his cock hardening against her thigh and her own body respond in kind. Suddenly Stella was aware of another hand stroking her back and bottom. She moved her own hands up to Jack’s face, wanting to stay in the moment, willing herself to relax. The other hand moved up underneath her top, fingertips brushing her stomach and finally cupping a breast while another mouth began kissing her neck, nudging her sleeve aside to continue along her shoulder.

Daisy’s lips were soft, her kisses gentle, and desire began to twist in Stella’s chest, making her nipples tingle.

Jack began to unbutton Stella’s blouse, and Stella marveled at how good it felt to have two pairs of hands caressing her skin. This had been a good idea. Stella’s top fell to the ground, her bra following not too long after.

“Sorry, sir, but I do believe this was for you to watch.” Daisy pushed Jack back so he was sitting on the bed, giving his already hard cock a squeeze through his trousers before returning her attention to Stella.

She stroked the side of Stella’s face, leaning in slowly.

Stella fixed her gaze on Daisy’s lips and she leaned forward to meet them with her own.

Daisy ran a hand through Stella’s hair, and Stella closed her eyes. Daisy’s kiss was like nothing Stella had ever experienced, no bristle to scratch her chin, a complete absence of her husband’s musky scent. The other woman tasted of raspberries. Stella liked it.

Daisy pulled away, lifting Stella’s hand, and kissing the palm lightly before leaving a trail of kisses up her arm, nibbling her neck and ear until finally she reached the woman’s mouth. She kissed Stella gently, working her way down Stella’s neck, her hand reaching up inside Stella’s skirt as she did so.

“No knickers.” Daisy grinned. “Was that planned or did I just surprise you?”

Stella grinned. “That was planned,” she admitted.

Daisy ran a finger through Stella’s pubic hair, allowing one finger to explore Stella’s mound as her mouth reached Stella’s breast and she began to play.

Stella closed her eyes and focused on the sensations. There was something different about being with a woman. The scent of make-up and perfume tickled Stella’s nose, but Daisy’s touch was gentle, her skin smoother than Jack’s. Even the brush of her lips was softer, fuller, as she teased and nibbled Stella’s erect nipples. Stella felt the warmth between her legs, the tingle travel up her spine as the pleasure began to build. She allowed herself to be carried away, completely surrendering to this woman’s ministrations. Daisy began to kiss her way down Stella’s torso, then ease a finger into her wet cunt.

A gasp escaped Stella’s mouth as Daisy’s tongue ran over her clit, and she heard Jack shift in his seat. She opened her eyes to see him watching. He had his cock out, stroking it, sign enough that this was exactly what he’d fantasized about.

Stella moaned again as Daisy tweaked a nipple between her thumb and forefinger, still working the clit with her tongue. She licked a finger, Stella giving a little jump as it was deftly inserted into her anus. Daisy began to move her fingers deeper, sliding them in and out of Stella’s tight holes.

“Do you like that?” Daisy asked.

“I do.” Stella’s husky reply elicited a groan from Jack, who was stroking his erection faster now.

It turned her on even more.

She moaned as Daisy’s tongue returned to its task, spreading her legs wider when the other woman inserted a couple more fingers deep into Stella’s cleft. Daisy stroked at first, then plunged deeper, searching and finding her g-spot, teasing it until pleasure shot up through Stella’s body like fireworks.

“Oh my God!” She groaned the words as the orgasm tore through her body. At the other end of the bed Jack grunted as a spray of cum shot out over the floor.

Daisy stood up, wiping her hands and face with a cloth, leaving Stella to sink into the blankets and she tried to catch her breath.

“Was that what you were hoping for?” she asked Stella.

“Everything and more.”

Daisy turned to Jack. “And you?”

“You fulfilled my fantasies and more,” he said, taking a thick white envelope from the bedside table.

“If ever you need my services, you know where to find me.” She took the envelope from Jack’s hand and eyed him up and down. “I’d be more than happy to work on you, too.”

“You enjoyed that?” Jack turned to where Stella lay, still naked, stretched out on the bed.

Stella looked at her husband. What would he think if she told him the truth? “I did,” she admitted, her face still flushed.

“So you’d do it again?”

She nodded. “I would. But I’d like you to join in next time.”

“A threesome?” Jack’s eyes gleamed. “You’re on.”

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Heather Kinnane

Written by

Author of steamy romance and erotic shorts. Check out my books at

Heather Kinnane’s Steamy Stories

Quickie sized steamy romance and erotica. Find links to my books at:

Heather Kinnane

Written by

Author of steamy romance and erotic shorts. Check out my books at

Heather Kinnane’s Steamy Stories

Quickie sized steamy romance and erotica. Find links to my books at:

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