The Anatomy of an Infographic

Although I love designing, and the entire process, creating an infographic was something foreign to me. Because of that, I thought I would take you on a journey through a beginners process.

When it comes to the cloud, it gets a little tricky to compare apples to apples. I thought I would create a visual that helps weigh out the pro’s and the con’s of some of the most popular cloud service providers. I chose to cover; Google Drive; Drop box and Amazon Cloud.


SKETCH IT OUT : It doesn’t have to be pretty.

MAKE A DIGITAL DRAFT : It’s tempting, but this time leave the colors out, just focus on the layout.

GIVE IT SOME FLARE: Go ahead and give it personality. Choose your fonts, colors and images. Here are examples of mine:

PUT IT ALL TOGETHER : The hard work is done, now make it shine!
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