haven’t posted in a bit

But here’s what I’ve been working on.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this, but I realized that I haven’t posted in awhile (though I have been writing every day). I have been sooo exhausted. My comic has become my top priority, because I want to put it out by the beginning of March. I also had some paid work, and I am a full time student, so my schedule has been quite full. The first set of pictures is my rough pencils for my comic. I am working solo, so they aren’t super neat.

What’s pictured here is Chapter One (pages 1–11) of my seven-chapter comic, stranger. Since Chapter One is mainly setting up the conflict, I’m gonna release Chapters One and two simultaneously.

The comic is semi-autobiographical, and is about a young woman who drives 9 hours to see and talk to her long distance ex-boyfriend three days after she broke up with him. If you can’t tell, the comic is manga influenced. It covers the span of a day, and explores a few different themes: heartbreak, romantic relationships, emotional labor, and mental health. I would categorize it as a surreal slice-of-life comic, closer to a josei with a dash of erotica later on.


I use Kyle T Webster’s Photoshop brushes almost exclusively. I bought them about two years ago, and they are phenomenal. I used a watercolor brush for my inks. The comic will def be in color, and I’m excited to see how it will look, since this is my first time inking in this manner.

It is my goal to grow my Patreon within the next year to 146 patrons. For my $2+ patrons I have been posting my sketchbook sketches and comics process videos. I will be adding a summary video on my home page by the end of February!

If you like what you’ve read here consider donating to my Patreon, my GFM, or my cash.me/$suprihmbe, because I’m awesome and a single mother, and I’d like to stop stripping for cash by the time I’m 35. You can also follow me on Twitter: @suprihmbe or Instagram: @mymphisbae

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