As the first member of my family to have never lived in a trailer park, this hits home.
Aufbrezeln Eschaton

I enjoyed your other comments, but you are completely missing the point of this essay and this blog with this comment. This blog is mine. It centers my, our, Black feminine perspective. And with this one comment you did exactly what I constantly critique — centered yourself as a white woman. This isn’t about you. I am perfectly aware that this is a generalization. I am also aware it could be applied to most poor women of color, and poor women in general. In America and many other countries, race and class are inextricably linked. Because of this country’s history with racism, Black Americans have a disproportionate rate of poverty. Doesn’t mean there are no poor white people, it just means you aren’t my focus. At all. Cyclical poverty is a pervasive problem in the black community and it is because of systemic racism — institutionalized racism.

The reason it looks like class from where you stand is because you are standing in privileged shoes, beloved.

The reason it seems like Black folks have “dodged the shame,” is because you’re not black, beloved. You know nothing of the struggle it is to live in this skin, with all these stigmas. Welfare moms are stereotyped as ghetto black women even though white women benefit from that and from affirmative action thee most. The shame of poverty is pervasive but we are so used to poverty and the struggle to “move up.”

The reason poor whites hold so much hatred and shame is because they are living in a country based off white supremacy and colonialism and they aren’t benefitting the way they feel they should be, love. So they blame it on Mexican and Black people because they still believe in capitalism and meritocracy. They want what they think they’ve earned by virtue of their skin tone.

You can leave poverty and flourish in white supremacy and privilege. But we will forever wear this skin, no matter where we go or how much money we make. There’s a reason some of us say, “the more money you make, the whiter you get.”