proheauxism: a working definition*

a sex positive manifesta for black /brown women & femmes

I made this :)

proheauxism 1. Proheaux. Derived from the more colloquial pro-hoe. (Spelling altered to reflect difference & refinement.) Black or brown womanists — women and femme, cis or trans — who are pro-sex and/or are sex workers and support sex worker rights. Committed to collective and personal empowerment, not just sexually, but through economic security sans judgment of the means. Radically thotty, and proud of it. Curious about sex, about birth and rebirth, about challenge and change, about redemption and reparations, about the physical and the divine. Understands what it means to go to the river.

2. Also: A woman or femme who understands the racialized nature of sexuality. One who rejects misogynoir and transmisogynoir. This is important. Does not accept nor engage in (silently or otherwise) transphobia, homophobia or anti blackness. Is accepting of nontraditional gender expressions, and not only loves her/their non-binary and LGBTQ sistren, but elevates their voices and concerns. Rejects and works to dismantle the transphobic notion of “deception.” One who rejects phallocentrism (dick-centrism), heteronormativity and androcentrism, not only in the realm of sexual politics, but in all realms. One who refuses to perpetuate toxic masculine ideals, or police other women/femmes. Dresses how she wants, goes where she wants. Supports sexual freedom, including the freedom to deny/reject. Understands the danger of being a black/brown woman, especially a trans woman, but prefers to live rather than simply exist. Works to dismantle rape culture. Committed to herself, her people & the eradication of all forms of oppression. Knowledgeable about her body. Aware of the world around her: global. Multifaceted. Committed to the safety of black children and women. Embraces her body: “This is my body, and my truth.”

3. Committed to the decriminalization of sex work, and the destigmatization of ALL black women’s bodies. Not just pro-fucking around, but pro-us. Not just sex positive, but realistic about nuance and shades of oppression. Understands the complexity of choice & empowerment when residing in a colonized body. Against all forms of racial fetishism. Against the language of slavery co-opted by mainstream [white] anti-porn “activists.” Eschews transgression for the sake of transgression. Not a supporter of hierarchies or whorerarchies. Against sexual or body shaming of any kind. Committed to women’s agency and health, particularly sexual, mental & reproductive health. (Access to abortion, antiretroviral drugs, adequate child care, health insurance and affordable housing.) Always centers black and brown women. Devoted to economic freedom, and critiquing [or dismantling] capitalism.

4. Sex positivity for black and brown women and femmes. Specifically sex worker & trans inclusive. Might be: a professional heaux, a refined heaux, an elegant, sensual woman of divine sex. One who owns oneself, regardless if she is attached to a man or masculine person or not. One who understands and reveres the power of healthy femininity (and masculinity) and understands that this power is beyond the physical. It is political, it is economic, it is survival, it is personal. Fuck classism. Fuck respectability. Fuck the norm. Fuck free emotional labor.

5. Lover of the sensual, of fat, of food, of weed, of bundles. Of indulgence or self-imposed abstinence. Of veiling or unveiling. Naturally creative. Always puts her orgasm FIRST. Tribal goddesses, ho[e]s, thotty queens, indigenous princesses and brujas of the diaspora. Red and violet, royalty and blood.

*I consider proheauxism to be distinct from the commonly used “pro-hoe” which has been appropriated by white women on social media and, to me, does not have the same meaning nor substance as this term I am proposing. Also I prefer the word without the dash. I realize that it is a compound word, but I just didn’t like the way it looked with the dash so I left it out. I like the way it flows when I write it this way.

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