The evil Bible

Sometimes when I’m reading my Bible I don’t feel life and encouragement. I often put my Bible down faced with discouragement, disappointment and struggle. I can’t be the only one that feels this way. This must be a common thing, yet I’ve never heard a Christian mention it. There seems to be a taboo on stating out loud that “I read the Bible this morning and now I’m depressed/upset/discouraged.”

When we name something it immediately gives it less power over us, but there is also something scary about it. When we name our true emotions towards the Bible we are facing almost certain judgement from many Christians. It’s an unspoken agreement that there’s something wrong with us if we doubt or struggle with the “Word of God.”

But why? After all, Jesus was tempted by scripture. During his forty-days in the desert, Satan quoted the Old Testament in an effort to get Jesus to sin. Jesus responded in kind, by focusing on who he knew his Father to be, despite being faced with scripture that was twisted to seem otherwise. He took scripture in light of the Father, not the Father in light of scripture. This is key.

We have to remember that the enemy is at war with us, and hates our fucking guts. When we keep this in our minds the reality that we are fed disheartening scripture at our most disheartened moments won’t surprise us. Satan “prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” If he wasn’t above using scripture as a tool to tempt Jesus, I can promise you he’s not above doing the same thing to us.