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Delving deeper into Depth, the secure stablecoin swap DeFi protocol for HECO

Depth.Fi, or just Depth, for short, is a new and secure stablecoin swap protocol developed as part of the DeFi sector and specifically made for HECO (Huobi ECO Chain). With Huobi being one of the more popular exchanges, and HECO becoming a hit chain despite its youth, there has been quite a lot of interest in this emerging protocol and what it may bring, which caused several AMAs about HECO and Depth.

The AMAs led to some interesting information about the reasons behind Depth’s development, motivations, goals, and more. They also point out some things that make Depth different from other swap protocols, which might be useful to know.

What you should know about Depth and HECO?

First of all, it should be noted that Depth was created after its developers found that there are many unique usage scenarios for HUSD and USDT on the HECO chain and that there is strong demand to swap these two tokens, but there wasn’t an easy way to do it. So, Depth protocol comes as a solution to that particular issue. However, that was far from the only one.

Simply put, interacting with stablecoins themselves has been in great demand, but it was too inconvenient, with poor user experience. Not to mention unfriendly deposits and saving experience, high slippage, low stablecoin mining rewards, and other issues.

Since Depth emerged, some two months ago, it made a number of achievements, such as improving community communication, offering the swap protocol itself, making plans for the future, and more.

During this time, it had attracted some very lively discussions with and among community members, and the interest even led developers to give away DEP rewards to the liquidity providers of stablecoins.

Developers also made a considerable effort to make the protocol safe, concise, easy to use, and trustworthy, so that it can continue to serve a wider range of people as time goes by. Right now, it offers three stablecoin pools, all of which are tied to HECO’s three largest lending protocols.

A secure and friendly transaction experience

As a result, Depth users can deposit stablecoins into the pools rather easily, and then stake corresponding LP tokens and gain rewards. As mentioned, Depth is not just a typical swap project. It was named Depth for a reason, as it offers a secure and friendly transaction experience for its users with extremely good depth. Its goal is to become a leader — a go-to project for stablecoin swaps, and establish an entirely new economic model.

In other words, it is something new and revolutionary, and it chose HECO due to low gas fees, a solid user base, strict KYC process, and many other advantages, which are now also it's own.

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