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HECO AMA Series Recap — WeStarter

Series №008

Guest: Ant Song, WeStarter Marketing
Host: Gabriel of HECO


Gabriel: Welcome to our lovely community, we are so glad to have you.

Ant Song: Very glad to be here, nice to meeeet you guys

Hello, I’m Ant Song from WeStarter, I’ve been involved in the core technology development of several blockchain projects, and I chose to join WeStarter because it has the conditions to be a good primary market product, its positioning is very accurate and has the space for sustainable development, I will talk about the specific advantages later, so I won’t go into more details here first.

Gabriel: Thanks. We are moving to the next segment which is the Q&A session. On this part we are gonna ask about 6–10 questions and we expect you answer them all dutifully.

Questions and Answers


Gabriel: Could you tell us more about your project? In other words, what does Westarter do?

Ant Song: Defintely, WeStarter is a cross-chain token initial swap platform which is developed based on HECO network. It supports the initial exchange of project assets in ETH, HECO, BSC and other networks. It undertakes the fund and resource demands of various types of assets through fluent product and sufficient industry resources. It achieves the goal of selecting high-quality assets through the decentralized incentive and governance mechanism of tokens, in the role and duty of a gatekeeper.

The first financing was completed on April 15th, and the participated investment institutions include Continue Capital, SevenX Ventures, NGC Ventures, AU21 Capital, Spark Digital Capital, LD Capital, Power Law Capital, Kyros Ventures, DoraHacks Ventures, SkyVentures, DEFI TIMES CAPITAL and others.

WeStarter has 6 kinds of pools : Whitelisted Pool, Public Pool, Flash Sale Pool,LBP Pool Swap. LPT Pool, Boxing Pool will go live soon

Up to now, completed 14 initial launches of high-quality projects, established 23 swap pools already, total raised funds over 1 billion dollars, and a total of 11,930 addresses participated.

In April, Westarter was awarded with the second edition of “Gold Medal Creator” by HECO.


Gabriel: There are many similar projects out there, some have been quite successful. What is special about WeStarter compared to other projects?

Ant Song: There are several reasons

First, Multi-chain connection flow, can meet the assets above ETH, HECO, BSC and users’ needs at the same time, which brings the diversity of user experience for various assets
In the longer term plan, Avalanche, polka or other public chains are also in the scope of investigation, basically meeting the demand of all public chain assets in the market, and the investment demand of different public chain users.

second, We have established an efficient and strict project selection mechanism , and set up a committee with our early investors to investigate and evaluate new projects.
Quality assets are the core of attracting users and the foundation of WeStarter’s long-term development. The chart below shows the ROI of our live projects, which can be used as a reference for you.

third, WeStarter will give the projects support in many aspects such as community communication, incubation fund, resource matching, etc. WeStarter has high quality KOL and community resources in global crypto market, CEX and DEX resources, and WeStarter has integrated marketing ability.
At present, WeStarter’s official telegram group has more than 40k users, Chinese telegram group has about 4,600 users, and twitter followers are nearly 40k. Meanwhile, WeStarter has strategic cooperation with many famous Chinese communities to maximize the market buzz.

Gabriel: This been said we could say WeStarter is a cross chain project definitely.

Thanks for such beautiful answer.


Gabriel: Great, could you give us some info on the WAR Token?

Ant Song: WAR is the governance and equity token of the WeStarter platform to complete the DAO operation of the platform through the governance mechanism of WAR.

The total amount of WeStarter $WAR is 100 million, and the completion of initial launch on April 27–29 on multiple public chains platforms (Westarter (HECO), Helmet (BSC), PentaLaunch (ETH)) and two CEXs (GATE.iog, LBank), with a total swap amount of 600,000$ WAR, the total amount of participation of the five platforms exceeded 303 million USDT.


Gabriel: What would be one’s motive to hold WAR tokens? What can we do with $WAR?

Ant Song: 1. Open Farming function to offer WAR rewards for liquidity providers.

We reached a partnership with MDEX to increase WAR liquidity mining rewards, users who stake WAR-HT DLP at MDEX can get both MDX and WAR rewards, the rewards will be ongoing (unless there are major adjustments)

2. Launch LPT(Liquidity provider token) Pool
Subsequent to the whitelisted Pool, Public Pool, flash Pool and LBP Pool, we will launch the LPT Pool, users can participate in the LPT pool by adding liquidity of WAR-HT on MDEX to swap new assets, which means the more LPT you have the more share of assets you can eventually get.

In the early stages, the LPT pool will exist with four other pools, but the allocation of assets redeemable in the LPT pool will gradually increase, and eventually the LPT pool will become the dominant form of asset subscription.

BTW, our first LPT pool Paul Protocol will go live on June 1st, welcome to join.

3. Eco-partnership program, establish Boxing pool

In order to support the distributors of high-quality assets and expand the usage scenarios and scope of WAR, we will increase the Boxing pool, that is to say, after the new assets launch on WeStarter IWO (Initial WeStarter Offering), users who provide liquidity for the asset and WAR will be able to get the rewards of the asset, and remarkable eco-projects can also get extra rewards of WAR.

4. Committee plan

We understand the limitations of team power and the importance of cooperation, so we will open the committee program in June. In this program, users can stake WAR to obtain access to a number of rights, including but not limited to decision-making and advice on project selection, as well as the right to directly recommend projects, staking is governance.

In general, WAR was given three functions:
One, to screen and attract more developers instead of teams
Two, become a new asset that can be easily traded between developers, traders and exchangers to help developers launch at low cost
Third, to capture the long term value of new assets

Gabriel: No doubt you have a great knowledge and Intelligence. I’ve enjoyed every bits of the AMA moments.😍

We have 2 more questions to ask before we move to the next segment.

Shall we?


Gabriel: If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?

Ant Song: Little but beautiful

This is mainly demonstrated in the following points.

  1. In the selection of high-quality assets, we will not only stick to the head projects with high flow, strong background and excellent reputation, but we also value team stability, deep blockchain background, strength of core technical team, product innovation and product sustainability, etc. We will give more unfamiliar high-quality assets the opportunity to stand in front of public performance.
  2. The product model is updated quickly, WeStarter currently has 6 products, the upcoming LPT, BoxinPool, are products developed quickly according to the feedback and development of the market, the fastest to meet the investment needs of different users.
  3. WeStarter cooperates with the cross-chain protocol ChainSwap, which can support quality assets above BSC and ETH at the same time. It also reached strategic agreements with other networks’ public offering platforms, such as Bounce, PentaLaunch, etc., to complement HECO’s functional position in the DeFi ecology, and also to form a virtuous cycle of mutual push and interaction of each platform’s assets. In the long run, WeStarter will expand the reachable users and assets to the whole DeFi world.

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