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HECO and TrustBase Reached an Ecological Cooperation and TrustBase Will Add a Grand Pool on HECO

On April 25, TrustBase and HECO have reached an ecological cooperation, and TrustBase will add a pool in HECO, aiming to introduce high-quality Polkadot projects into the HECO ecosystem, increase HECO’s own flow and asset precipitation, and at the same time, establishing a high-quality development portal for projects on Polkadot to open up the Chinese market.

At the same time, TrustBase announced the official establishment of TrustBase Grant, initiated by the Subscript Technical Community, supported by HECO ecological strategic cooperation, and funded by the TrustBase Foundation. The first batch of TrustBase Grant is expected to allocate millions of dollars from the national treasury to reward applications for Grant and completion of the entire ecological cooperation project. The specific distribution rules and details will be announced after the TrustBase Pool goes online.

According to the official introduction, the pool created by TrustBase in HECO aims to provide asset application scenarios for high-quality projects through TrustBase Grant. The corresponding tokens can be staked to produce $HTBE ($HTBE is the anchor token of $TBE on the HECO network), people can and wait until the main network of $TBE is launched directly map.

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