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HECO Grant Application Guidance

What is HECO Grant?


Submission Period:

Voting Period:

Who Can Apply?

  • HECO ecosystem applications: NFT protocols and platform-level applications, DAO and on-chain governance tools, next-gen Defi protocols, etc.
  • Toolkits on HECO: improved programming languages, wallets, scans, SDKs, etc.
  • Infrastructures on HECO, research on consensus, Layer-2 infrastructure, privacy, API services, etc.

How to apply?

How to Gain More Votes?

a. Join the Live Demo

b. Join the Hackathon Earlier

c. Inspire your communities

  • Please upload projects that developed on HECO.
  • Verified Twitter links and GitHub repos are recommended. Community contributors can confirm the identity of you and your project.
  • Complete and detailed project information is recommended, allowing the staff to reach you for global live demonstration.
  • Please share your grant project on social media platforms like Twitter, FB, and WeChat friend to let people know and contribute to your project. In this way, you can gain more grants.
  • Please submit a real and valid project that is developed by you or your team. Please do not submit other’s projects or copy-paste projects. Once the plagiarized project is reported, it will be disqualified in all subsequent grant applications and the community will be notified.
  • To transfer HT to Metamask, please use the HECO network.

How to Connect Your MetaMask with HECO?

How do I get verified?

How do community contributors vote?

How can I check the prize allocation and project ranking?

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