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The NFT Open Platform Fangible Is Officially Launched on HECO and Initiated a NFT Artist Million Dollar Recruitment Plan

NFT open platform Fangible is officially launched on Heco, and simultaneously launched the NFT artist million dollar recruitment plan. On April 19, the NFT open platform Fangible which launched by the decentralized auction platform Bounce Finance hase announced that it has successfully deployed to HECO and launched the “Fangible Artist Million Dollar Recruitment Plan”. Artists around the world can go to Fangible platform to release digital artworks and auction them at a very low cost, thereby promoting and facilitating the circulation and transactions of the art industry and breaking the physical space barriers of the traditional art market.

Bounce Finance focuses on the blockchain infrastructure in the NFT field, and at the same time combines the current hot trending mining, decentralized governance, and pledge mechanism to stimulate more potential in open finance. In March of 2021, Bounce Finance just announced that it has received a new round of fundraising which led by Coinbase.

Fangible is committed to simplifying the circulation of artworks and solves the problems of high GAS fees and high thresholds based on the Ethereum NFT platform. Artists can quickly create a personal homepage through the Fangible platform, and realize the functions of works display and trading.

Currently Fangible V1 version has been supported by artists and collectors. In the next few weeks, the underlying infrastructure will be updated according to the needs of artists and users, such as NFT fan collections and exquisite artworks.

Fangible was launched in global markets on April 7th, 2021. Since its launch, it has attracted a large number of global artists to participate. In order to further discover high-quality domestic artists and promote the exchange and circulation of works by artists at home and abroad, Fangible decided to launch on Heco chain to gain a deeper understanding of the development of domestic NFTs. In addition, Bounce Finance also launched the “Fangible Artist Million Dollar Recruitment Program”, which provides a total of $1 Million in recruitment funds for artists who bring personal artworks, collections ,and communities to the platform.

HECO’s high-performance and low-GAS fee underlying network advantage makes it possible for Fangible to accept global artists to release digital art and trade at a very low cost, and solve the problems of high GAS fees and high thresholds based on the Ethereum NFT platform. Heco is a decentralized, efficient, and energy-saving public chain that is fully compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). It can provide developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment to run decentralized smart contract applications (DApps) and store digital assets.

The Bounce Finance team stated: “We believe that in addition to obtaining financial investment opportunities, artists will also benefit from the extensive links in the Bounce Finance ecosystem. We aim to create a network effect by connecting the artist community to NFT. The DeFi field allows every participant to benefit by displaying their works, including visual art, music, fan-based collections and other art works and forms.”

If you are interested in the “Fangible Artist Million Dollar Recruitment Program” and want to participate in it, you can click here (https://www.wjx.cn/vj/QuJS9zA.aspx) to fill an application to apply for the fund, and the Fangible team will conduct a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation based on the dimensions of the artwork itself, the attractiveness of the community, the value of the collection, and the potential for future cooperation between the two parties.

About Bounce

Bounce focuses on NFT’s blockchain infrastructure and unleashes more financial potential by providing powerful links. It was established in 2017 in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Bounce supports on multiple blockchains. On Bounce, people can join NFT auctions, create and operate NFT stores, etc. The Bounce ecosystem currently consists of three interrelated parts: Bounce decentralization, Bounce Professional Edition, and Fangible. Currently, the company has offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and South Korea.

Official website: https://bounce.finance/,

Twitter: @bounce_finance.

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