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Update #3: Looking Ahead To 2018

We hope everybody enjoyed the holiday season and had a great new year! Since we made our first public appearance at TechCrunch Disrupt only a few months ago, hashgraph has received overwhelming interest from the cryptocurrency community, and the team is very grateful for all your support. Also, we were nominated as a finalist in the Tech Trailblazers Awards 2017 and voting has been extended until January 23, so vote now for Swirlds as the Blockchain Trailblazer!

Surge In Community Growth

At the time we published our last update, our Telegram community was at roughly 6,000 members. We now have over 13,000 community members, more than doubling in just over a month. Our developer Telegram community now has over 1,500 members, with an active community of developers asking great technical questions, and also testing and developing on the SDK. Hashgraph Meetup groups have also continued to expand globally, with upcoming meetups in Minneapolis; Toronto; Chicago; Thiruvananthapuram, India; and Lisbon, Portugal.

Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode With Mike Maloney

One of the driving forces in hashgraph’s recent surge in popularity has been Mike Maloney’s comprehensive episode titled, “From Bitcoin To Hashgraph: The Crypto Revolution”, in his Hidden Secrets Of Money documentary series. The YouTube video, which has received over 350,000 views in less than one month, provides an introduction to cryptocurrencies and the evolution of distributed ledger technology, with animations serving as visual aids. The episode includes exclusive interviews with Mance Harmon, Leemon Baird, and Jordan Fried and has eight exclusive bonus features, including a crash course on distributed technology, energy consumption in Proof-of-Work systems, and the future of hashgraph.

David Allen Cohen Speaks At The National Cybersecurity Symposium

Hashgraph advisor and Dcntral founder David A. Cohen attended the Blockchain and Cybersecurity panel at the 2017 National Cyber Symposium, which is dubbed the “premier cybersecurity and blockchain technology event in the country.” David spoke on the topic of how advanced blockchain architectures such as hashgraph will evolve with AI and the machine economy to transform how cybersecurity solutions are delivered in the future. Read more on why he believes hashgraph will revolutionize blockchain technology and AI.

David is working on several evolutionary projects at Dcntral that could incorporate permission-based networks using hashgraph, including edge computing focused software-defined cybersecurity, secure power system transactive energy applications, tactical military intelligence for the Department of Defense (DOD), cybersecure supply chain applications, identity management, and tracking of pharmaceutical supply chains.

New Content & More Videos

As the broader cryptocurrency community begins to take notice in hashgraph, there is more content coming out each and every week:

  • Mance Harmon was interviewed about the next generation of blockchain and the vision for hashgraph in Unblocked Events.
  • Leemon Baird shared his vision for hashgraph and the many uses of distributed ledger technology beyond cryptocurrency in an interview with The World Weekly.
  • Hashgraph was featured in the December issue of ICO Crowd, looking at the next generation of blockchains by Helen Disney.
  • Hashgraph was mentioned in articles by Forbes, TechCrunch, and Futurism.

Want To Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more, then join our growing Telegram community, or keep up to date with the latest news & content on the hashgraph forum.

You can also download the whitepaper and Software Development Kit.



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