A pitch for the world in a broken elevator

A world in our hands (Photo: Thierry Fillieul, Pexels)
  1. CO2 levels are at their highest since 650,000 years ago; Diabetes is now among the 10 leading causes of death and disability worldwide; and 22,000 species are at risk from extinction.
  2. In the UK, 9.6 million millennials are hurtling towards retirement poverty; 70% wish they saved more; 7.7 million don’t invest at all.

Change is undeniable: in both a global and financial context. But these two sets of problems seem a million miles apart. What on Earth has investment got to do with climate change, or global health, or conservation, or LGBT+ equality? And wasn’t it the financial system and big companies that got us into this global mess in the first place?

Change in finance has everything to do with change in the wider world. But our current system — which certainly is responsible for much for this chaos — is designed for a bygone era: no sustainability, no personalisation, no accessibility, no transparency, no accountability. The way we’ve been taught to think about investment (if at all) is perfectly designed for a world that is fast disappearing.

What we need is for people, normal people, to have transparent access to investments that align with their own personal values. What we need is for citizens to be empowered to shape the world they want by growing their money where their heart is. What we need is for people to speak up about where their money is going and what the companies they own are doing.

69% of young people want to invest in alignment with their social and environmental values. 75% think their investments can influence climate change. 80% want to tailor their impact to things they really care about.

And it’s for these people that we created Tumelo.

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