Hedge Token — HDG distribution report

Oct 24, 2017 · 2 min read

Dear supporters, community, friends,

Our crowdsale closed less than 10 days ago. During that time we distributed the majority of HDG (social media bounties still pending, ≈ 0.2% of total supply), returned the overpaid ETH and burnt the unsold tokens.

During the course of the crowdsale we received 6,283.14 ETH, at the time worth ≈ USD 2.1 mio, well exceeding the soft cap of USD 1.5 mio. Last transaction considered was pending at the time of the closure (Oct 15 2017, 12:00 CEST) and successfully went through at 12:02:28.

Exchange rate without any bonus was 1 HDG = 0.002 ETH

Please note that all boni are mutually exclusive and only the higher one is taken into account.

Crowdsale incl. time and amount boni netted 3,434,518.72 HDG.

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XRL holders, who held XRL in a private wallet on Sept 15, registered their ETH address on our webpage, and contributed more than 5 ETH in total, were eligible to a 10% flat bonus (applied per wallet). This was only paid out if such a bonus exceeded already paid time and whale boni. In total, for this post, 6000.25 HDG was additionally paid out.

Additionally, XRL holders were eligible for an airdrop regardless of any investment in the ICO. Analogous to the XRL bonus, they had to hold XRL in a private wallet on Sept 15 and register their ETH address on our webpage. 5% of total supply was reserved for the aforementioned airdrop. 217,220.98 HDG was claimed, implying the rate 1 HDG per 297.16 XRL.

Team share of 1,154,935.22 HDG remains under lock up for the next 6 months.

Bounties consist of 46,086.25 HDG for work bounties and 11,848.39 HDG for social media bounties (yet to be paid out).

Total supply of HDG is 5,774,676.11, free float 3,709,674.34 (crowdsale incl. boni, claimed airdrop and bounties). We created 50 mio HDG and consequently burnt 44,225,323.89 HDG.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Our story is just beginning.

Hedge Token

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