2018 Rublix Recap & What’s Ahead for 2019

The past year in the world of crypto was quite challenging for most blockchain-based startups. But for those of us in it for the long haul, we spent the bearish 2018 digging in and building out our products in an effort to help bolster the infrastructure in the blockchain industry.

At Rublix, we are very grateful to have a dedicated team and supportive community and we look forward to sharing our progress as we evolve in this ever-changing crypto universe. Thank you for joining us today as we summarize our successes and challenges of 2018 while we springboard into the New Year with an ever-growing passion for all things decentralized.

Here are some of the things we’ve been busy working on to further our offerings and engage our community.


Most of you probably noticed our brand update to HedgeTrade (from Hedge); which is our social trading and predictions DApp. Our team is very focused on user experience and we think you’ll notice when signing up for our Beta whitelist.

Also, be sure to check out our brand new HedgeTrade.com website and our updated Rublix.com homepage. Let us know what you think!

RBLX Token Overview

Our RBLX token held steady even during the lowest moments of the market in 2018. We owe that to a concerted effort to prudently manage our initial token sale, and by not overpricing or overhyping our new coin. We successfully issued a second airdrop, infusing some RBLX into the community of bounty hunters, who in turn helped us grow our engagement.

When compared to Bitcoin’s movements during the same time frame, you can see RBLX outperforming BTC and establishing strong pricing floors.

Exchanges Now Accepting RBLX

As we grow our network and continue to build our flagship DApp, HedgeTrade, we realize how important it is to be listed on exchanges visited most by our community of investors. RBLX is now listed on 4 exchanges, Hotbit, Bancor, Idex and Liquid, and we continue to explore value-additive exchanges to list on.

Press Coverage

The Rublix token was mentioned in several major press outlets during 2018, most times during very low points in the crypto market:

  • RBLX was named by CoinTelegraph as one of their weekly three top gainers in September 2018.
  • The price for RBLX was reported by PressOracle as up 19% against USD during the week of Dec 28th, a nice way to end out the year!
  • Equities.com mentions HedgeTrade titled “Can Crypto Incentives Improve a Trader’s Market Predictions?” commenting HedgeTrade on having a “different approach that incorporates human rights.”

HEDG Token Overview

Despite holding our token generation event (TGE) in the middle of a bear market, we’re happy to report that our community really came through for us. The HEDG TGE in October 2018 went smoothly and sold out almost immediately. Our whitelist filled and we successfully executed the private and public sales, easily reaching our hard cap. The HEDG token has subsequently been distributed and has begun trading on CoinTiger, Hotbit, and Bancor. We are in the midst of being listed on a number of other platforms as well. HedgeTrade is also listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko which we are also very happy about.

As part of the HedgeTrade rebranding effort, we decided to issue HEDG as an ERC-20 token instead of using the Rublix blockchain. At this stage, we feel that the infrastructure and functionalities of the Ethereum Network are well-suited to HEDG and will allow us to focus on platform growth above all else.

Predictive markets have been identified as an emerging area of blockchain development to watch for in 2019 by thought leader William Mougayar. At HedgeTrade, we’ve combined predictive markets with social trading and blockchain technology. The result is an incentivization-based, tokenized, accountability-driven, win-win predictions platform. Pro traders will be able to earn by publishing their trading predictions from multiple exchanges and many different coins. Less sophisticated traders can achieve similar success as the pros by purchasing or unlocking their predictions and executing similar trades. This way they can generate profits immediately while learning the crypto market from proven experts at the same time.

Going Forward

The Rublix team will continue to focus on, develop and hone the HedgeTrade platform to deliver a UX that is elegant and crisp for pro traders and intuitive for those new to crypto trading. Cutting edge data tools will continuously be developed and available to all platform users.

Our hybrid application has the potential to greatly outperform social trading counterparts, crypto networking hubs, and all decentralized applications. We are tremendously happy with the current state of HedgeTrade and we cannot wait to release it as soon as possible.

A big thank you goes out to our community for all of your support, and for joining our Beta whitelist and coin offerings. We look forward to another year of exciting development as we evolve with and help build the maturing blockchain industry.

David S. Waslen
CEO, Rublix Development Pte. Ltd.

Originally published at HedgeTrade.


HedgeTrade is a decentralized prediction market focused on a wide variety of financial assets. Trade predictions can then be purchased using the HEDG token for users to replicate and learn. https://hedgetrade.com/

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A new era of expert trading — powered by blockchain. https://hedgetrade.com/


HedgeTrade is a decentralized prediction market focused on a wide variety of financial assets. Trade predictions can then be purchased using the HEDG token for users to replicate and learn. https://hedgetrade.com/

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