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Meet your Emotional Monsters — Emonsters

Heimo Community
Sep 15, 2016 · 2 min read

Everyone has own monsters. We make our own monsters. Each monster looks different and they walk in different sizes. Everyone see them in different ways.

We are people with different experiences and monsters.

If you run away, monster will follow. But if you accept it and make it as a friend, it will be forever grateful to you. Monster won’t bother you when you are friends. It does not scare you or take away your good night sleep’s. Monster is always present, but it will respect you. When you promise that you will take a monster into account, it will give you compassion. When you work with it, monster wont be trying to get attention from you.

Monster is always part of you, but together you and monster can decide how big part. Sometimes monster can be away for a long period of time. But as you are grateful to a friend, you can be a thankful that monster was there. And when monster comes to meet you, you can wish it welcome. You can accept it. You can accept your monsters.

Emotional Monsters aka Emonsters are part of Heimo & designed by Heimo’s Katri. Heimo is the social media for untellable stories, where people can share their stories without judgement.


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