2016 Playoff Preview — #6 Scott Sterling’s Face


2014 Record: 6–7

2015 Record: 10–3


  • 2015 Playoffs
  • 2015 Most Points For
  • 2015 3rd Place

2016 Round Up

Record: 8–5

Points For: 2317.8 (5th)

Best Score: 218 W4

Worst Score: 139 W11

He did it! To the relief of the many people who bet Heinbucks on him and, I can only assume, himself, Calhoun pulled off what was looking like the impossible and made the playoffs.

And all it took was Mealey fucking up his lineup 3 weeks in a row.

Coming into this year, Calhoun had by far the best team in the league. Solid across the board, it is hard to imagine anyone predicting he would barely slip into the playoffs due to manager error on the back-end of the season.

Injuries have decimated a WR corps that, when healthy, is second to none. Despite making a few good trades — trades that ultimately helped him get into the tournament — he is still stuck having to start Marqise Lee against Minnesota in a win-or-go-home match against the very solid Altbaum team. I don’t even think Marqise Lee would be happy about having to start Marqise Lee in this scenario.

His uphill battle aside, this is a unit that is still very capable of winning any given week. Even though he’s only scoring a lackluster 178 points per game, the team he’ll be fielding has an adjusted average of 188.2 putting him well within striking distance.

Success for this team is going to rely heavily on exceptional performances from it’s heavy hitters to make up for some of his weak spots. His upside will make it difficult to win without some help from his opponents, but he should be able to keep it close.

Can Calhoun beat his 3rd place last year? Can he surmount injuries and come away with a mug? We’ll find out in a few days.

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