Breaking News — Troy Altbaum to Take Over Fleeced or Famine

Wow. Usually this type of drama is reserved for the off-season, but for two major moves to occur right before the playoffs start is unprecedented.

First, John Mealey will no longer be in control of Fleeced or Famine. The organization’s surprise move has left general managers across the league scrambling. Protocol for openings is to fill them ASAP and offer them first to co-managers; however with this being right before playoffs, general managers and co-managers had to make some tough decisions about whether to make a commitment now when they’re preparing their teams for a championship.

It’s under these circumstances that Specter Ross LITT’s Troy Altbaum was hired as the new general manager of Fleeced or Famine. The announcement comes just days after their 3rd consecutive division championship.

The brotherly duo of Mike and Troy Altbaum took over Specter Ross LITT after the original general manager, Matt Heinbaugh, was fired early in the inaugural season. Since then they’ve been one of the most active teams, making moves that has seen them become perennial contenders.

Surely the decision not to stay the course was difficult, but it’s one we see in this sport all the time — co-managers usually aren’t content with living in the shadows very long, and when they can get an opportunity to make a name for themselves they usually do.

The announcement was made this morning in an emotional video that conveys the weight of the decision.

Troy takes over a team that just missed the playoffs this season, for reasons that many across the league attribute to poor coaching and management, and not lack of talent. That means he should inherit a team that has a a solid core to build around, as well as plenty of capital to make some moves.

And knowing how the Altbaums operate, that’s exactly what we should expect to see in the coming months as Troy seeks to transform the team into his own.

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