Countdown to 100

We’re getting awfully close to 100 trades. That feels like a pretty big milestone. Over two years ago we tried to create a super active dynasty league, and almost everyone was at least a bit concerned that the league would be stale. Most fantasy leagues have a few trades a year at most — are we sure that a league that depends on active trading will actually be fun?

Now almost 100 trades later, we have our answer. That’s almost 50 (!) trades a season, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. So in pre-commemoration, let’s see what teams have contributed the most to this milestone.

Dave Falcone + Chris Black: 17 (8.85%)

Dave Hallahan + Scott Lederer: 27 (14.06%)

Nick Sarlo + Mike Hark: 26 (13.54%)

John Galante: 9 (4.69%)

Brett Poulton + Adam Milsted: 16 (8.33%)

John Mealey + Pat Goss: 19 (9.90%)

Cleve Bryan: 16 (8.33%)

Mike Altbaum + Troy Altbaum: 17 (8.85%)

Andrew Bartell: 16 (8.33%)

Dan Marino: 8 (4.17%)

Steve Calhoun: 0 (4.68%)

Nic Martino + Tim Stoeckle (is this a real person? NOBODY KNOWS!): 12 (6.25%)

The average trade amount so far is 16, and the average to get to 100 is 16.667, so if you aren’t holding your weight you are running out of time to make those trades!

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