Hot Cakes: Hallahan/Lederer

I evaluated team needs before the rookie draft and now I’m prepared to give face melting takes for what will happen to your team this year. What should you expect when I cover your team? I’ll let my friend explain it:

But before I start filling your home with feces, let me take you on a tour of my home. You will smell no shit in this house, but you’ll be waste deep in something.

“What is that something? They look so unfamiliar and new. I’m not sure I’ve seen these before.”

Those are good wide receivers. You’re probably unfamiliar because we have so many of them. Before you scoff, recall with me when Sarlo made the claim that he had the deepest RB corp of any team. He pointed to teams such as my own and said “Sure Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson are absolutely fantastic, but I’ve a bunch of mediocre guys that I can rely on!” Sarlo’s season and co-owner have been disappointment enough, so I won’t discuss the merits of his claims. I’ll just one up him by letting you all know, this is the deepest WR corp ever assembled.

As Sarlo was able to point to me as being top-heavy and shallow, I, too, can admit that there are teams with better individual WR on them. Falcone, Cleve, and Calhoun have done well to get a guy or two at the top. But I have assembled a group of 7 guys who have a legitimate chance at being at top 24 WR.

Amari Cooper | Emmanuel Sanders | Jamison Crowder | Stefon Diggs | Mike Wallace | Pierre Garcon | DeSean Jackson

The first three mentioned did it last year. I don’t think anyone would argue against Cooper doing it again. Sanders QB situation isn’t exactly favorable, but it is exactly the same as last year. Jamison Crowder is no longer surrounded by Garcon and Jackson, and he is the only WR to play meaningful snaps with Kirk Cousins last year.

Based on points per game played, Stefon Diggs would have been the highest scoring of any WR currently on my team. Mike Wallace just missed a top 24 finish, but has finished top-25 six of the past seven seasons. This year he is on a team that consistently paces the league in pass attempts and will no longer have to contend with Kamar Aiken or Steve Smith Sr for those targets. NOT TO MENTION (but I’m totally going to mention) the Ravens did nothing to bring anyone in to compete with him for said targets.

Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson, former teammates, both find themselves in new land. Garcon is reunited with Kyle Shanahan. While playing in Shanahan’s offense in the past he saw an average of 4 more targets per game than he has without Shanahan. Shanahan loves to pepper his top WR with targets and Brian Hoyer is perfectly capable of producing a top fantasy option. DeSean Jackson’s biggest hurdle my be himself. His PPG would have had him just outside the top-24 if he stayed healthy. Running opposite Mike Evans could see him get there this year.

HONORABLE MENTION: RANDALL COBB. How long until Zay Jones outscores Cobb? He disappointed last year, but he only played 12 games. He was WR25 and WR8 the two seasons prior. Quincy Enunwa has been getting talked up early in camp and is ready to see an increased role. He has plenty of hurdles before he’s top 24, but he’ll certainly have viable games. Chris Moore got on the field mainly with special teams work last year, but someone in BAL is going to get the 200+ targets vacated by former players and they won’t all go to Danny Woodhead. There’s room for a WR to breakout. It could be Moore.