[Not that] Instant Trade Reaction

A Double Dose of Trade Desperation

Bill Clinton’s Balloons has scored at least 188 points each week this year. Uhh Watt Yeeahh!! hasn’t scored below 190 since being able to Bradonk people. Surely, this has told the other teams they need to step up if they want to compete. Falcone did so earlier in the week by adding Nuk Hopkins and Dez Bryant, all while avoiding any of the risk with his stupid condition that Sarlo was sucker to accept.

Following suit, and certainly helped along by the roller coaster ride that was CJ Anderson, Calhoun made two trades that we’ll look at now.

Calhoun sends 2018 1st rounder
Altbaum sends Latavius Murray.


I don’t like Latavius Murray, but I really like this trade for Calhoun. Murray’s value has been steadily falling since before the NFL draft. Evened out a bit when they waited until the 5th round to draft DeAndre Washington. But the Raiders seem fixed on mixing in Washington, Jamize Olawale, Jalen Richard and Taiwan Jones. That’s a crowded backfield. I think that’s why the Altbaums moved him. They saw this as their last chance to get a 1st rounder for a declining asset. BUT they’re right in the thick of things in their division. Falcone is making moves to improve, Cleve is Bradonking everyone and anyone in his path, and the Altbaums are acquiring 2018 1st round picks. I don’t know if that’s a winning strategy.

Delaying the 1st rounder until 2018 definitely makes this trade better for Calhoun. But as we all enjoyed watching him go up and down on his roller coaster of emotion this week, we all know why he did it. Lamar Miller hasn’t done what has been expected, save for the Indy game, Anderson is now done for the year, Freeman is in a timeshare with Tevin Coleman (when the latter is healthy) and Carlos Hyde hasn’t benefited from being in a Chip Kelly offense. Calhoun needed another piece. And Murray isn’t the worst piece to add. Sure, everything I said above is true. But Murray has averaged just under 14 ppg this year and when he missed two games due to injury none of the other 34 running backs on the team stepped up.


Easy win for Calhoun. I don’t fault the Altbaums for cashing in while they could, I get it. But if I was in their position, I think I would’ve bit the bullet and kept Murray for the push toward the playoffs.

Calhoun sends Allen Robinson and Cam Meredith
Sarlo sends Randall Cobb, Jonathan Stewart, and Brett’s 2017 1st


Calhoun is betting on the fact that the Robinson, Bortles, JAX situation doesn’t get any better any time soon. There’s at least a decent chance that’s a safe bet. Coaching and/or QB changes seem imminent and that could go either way. Cam Meredith has flashed, but his situation isn’t any better. There’s also a bit of gambling happening on Cobb and the Packers offense, but that’s probably a good bet.

Sarlo, on the other hand, is betting the other end of all of those. But he’s also getting younger and getting rid of running backs, which is always a good thing (at least in his mind).


A lot of names big names trading places. A lot of risk involved for both teams. It’s a fair trade. I think given both team scenarios, I’ll take Calhoun’s side. His a little more insulated from the risk with that 1st rounder. A solid couple of trades in two days. For his sake, I hope it pays dividends next week because it sure didn’t this week.