Here at HDL Publishing we aim for the highest levels of Power Ranking integrity. How would we expect to be taken seriously if we left Cleve at #2? So, like his trades with us Hallahederer we have given him something good, but we are going to trade it for something worse.

4 — FIRSTUTUMUGS (4–3, 2nd PF, -2)
Even before the PR update, Cleve was in full tilt mode. He traded for Lev Bell, was savvy enough to get James Conner included in the deal, and then as soon as Conner shows he’s worth something he went and traded Bell and Conner for David Johnson. Now, those with inside information know that DJ was always the RB target that Cleve desired. But quickly we’ve seen how this has worked out for Cleve, poorly. As further evidence of his tilt, for the first time since Brady has been on his roster, Cleve benched him. It didn’t cost him a win, but it was 16 point mistake. It appears that Cleve is in a downward spiral the likes of another beloved anchorman.

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