Rapid Odds! 11/21/2016

Alright, it looks like this week I should be safe to calculate these odds. So naturally I expected something crazy to happen to throw them into disarray.

Playoff Odds

Bill Clinton’s Balloons — 100%

They have a 99.4% chance of a bye to boot.

Specter Ross LITT — 98.56%

They needed to beat one of Falcone or Cleve, and beat they did. With a cake match still on the horizon, they will likely lock up the playoffs and be in the fight for the 2 seed.

Uhhh WATT! YEEAAHH! — 98.40%

A win with Falcone losing would have locked up the playoffs. A loss doesn’t hurt their chances much, but does make the road to a bye a more difficult path.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers — 97.40%

A loss didn’t hurt their playoff chances much — Cleve losing means they’re still a pretty solid bet.

Schweddy Rawls — 79.28%

Playoffs are looking more realistic every week. Still not a likely bye team since they’ll need a lot of help from their opponent any given week, but they’re currently holding the lead in the division and looking good for the 3 seed.

Scott Sterling’s Face — 63.92%

This was a painful week for a lot of reasons. On top of a dreadful score and having put himself in a bit of a playoff-pickle, losing AJ Green in the middle of his best season to date is going to not only put making the bubble into question, but also how deep he can get if he even makes it in. He’s fighting for the 6 seed at this point, and could be left out in the cold.

Fleeced or Famine — 47.88%

Mealey currently holds a very key tie breaker against Calhoun, but with his score there are no easy wins in the final stretch.

The Mr. Peanuts — 11.60%

Another loss has really hurt this team’s already outside chance at the playoffs. Winning the last 2 chances wouldn’t be enough on its own, which is never a great situation to be in.

Hogan’s Heroes — 0.12%

Still not out? That’s adorable.

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