Roy Altbaun’s 2017 HDL Rookie Mock Draft

Now that the 2017 NFL Draft has concluded and i’m still foaming out of the mouth to make more mock drafts, I decided to turn to our beloved fantasy league. We know that my mocks are guaranteed to have 100% accuracy so if you don’t want to know what happens on May 16, I’d recommend to stop reading now. Without further ado, I present to you Roy Altbaun’s 2017 HDL Rookie Mock Draft.

1.01 (Troy) RB Leonard Fournette

  • Although Troy is on his way out of HDL after guaranteeing to leave if the Cowboys drafted Taco, I’ll just assume he has the team up until the draft. After Troy made a big splash trading for the first pick, it was clear he had his eye on a particular player. I’m sure Troy would have loved Fournette landing in Carolina, but things don’t always work out perfectly. Even though his decision got tougher, I believe he will still trust his gut and go with the generational talent at rb in Fournette. If by chance I become owner of Mealey’s Taco-ver by then, this pick could change…

1.02 (Sarlo) WR Corey Davis

  • Sarlo drafting a receiver!? I know i’m going out on a limb here but after a surprising land in the top 5, Davis found himself in a great home in Tennessee. Davis has the size, speed, run after catch, and route running to be a number one receiver in the NFL. This pick will surely move Sarlo into the top 3 in power rankings.

1.03 (Sarlo) RB Christian McCaffrey

  • Now that Sarlo grabbed his receiver, he can actually add a decent running back to his roster. Although i’m sure he will be itching to take Mike Williams with this pick, i’m predicting Hark will do enough to convince him to take a running back. McCaffrey can do just about everything on offense and will add points in multiple ways. While he may not get 20+ carries a game, the combination of rushing and receiving yards, catches, and touchdowns is too good to pass up. Since I know Sarlo will want to ruin my 100% guarantee, switching the order of Davis and McCaffrey won’t change anything.

1.04 (Marino) WR Mike Williams

  • Now that Mark Ingram is basically worthless, Marino could go a few different ways with this pick. I believe he still wants to grab a number one receiver however, and Williams could be just that. With Keenan Allen likely sitting in a hospital bed by week 2, Williams will surely get plenty of targets to warrant this pick. All the traits are there for Williams to be a serious fantasy player early on in his career.

1.05 (Martino) RB Dalvin Cook

  • With a roster that needs help all over, Martino has to take BPA. Cook didn’t land in a great spot in Minnesota with Latavius Murray already on the roster, but he has as much upside as any back in this draft. While Murray might get more carries his rookie year, Martino won’t be competing for a championship right away and can afford to wait for Cook to take over the reigns. Cook, Henry and Perkins, creates a solid running back core for Martino moving forward.

1.06 (Sarlo) RB Joe Mixon

  • Yes I have Sarlo drafting two running backs, this is not a typo. He has been on the Mixon bandwagon for a while and made the trade with Abaum to ensure that he gets him. If Mixon ever committed domestic violence Sarlo wouldn’t be picking him here. Because however he just knocked a woman out cold in an isolated incident, he’s probably a good dude deep down. Also a running back in Cincinnati? How can he resist that?

1.07 (Sarlo) WR John Ross

  • This will be the most difficult pick for Sarlo as he has to choose between Ross and O.J. Howard. While Howard is a fantastic tight end that landed on a pass happy team with a gunslinging quarterback, Ross is the pick here. Any receiver being drafted in the top 10 is going to be utilized by their respective team. Ross is also more than just a speedster. He can actually run routes, stretch the field, and display body control to catch contested balls. It feels to me like Sarlo would never get behind taking a tight end in the first round, especially over a wide receiver that got drafted in the top 10. Ross’ height or lack thereof however could force Sarlo to take the chance on Howard.

1.08 (Billy) RB Alvin Kamara

  • After trading Shady to Falcone in exchange for this pick, Billy will look to add the best running back or wide receiver here. That happens to be Kamara. Although Adrian Peterson signed in New Orleans, he only has a couple years left on the tires. Billy has already stated he is not trying to win next year but claims to be unbeatable in 2–3 years. I think Kamara is in the best position to take over as a reliable fantasy starter in that time frame. Hitting on this pick will be a good start to Billy’s reign as a team owner.

1.09 (Hallahan) TE O.J. Howard

  • Finally we get to the pick involved in the recent trade that outraged many owners in the league. Hallahan and Scott will be delighted to see that O.J. Howard is still available with this selection. Although Kyle Rudolph had a great year last year, it feels unlikely for a repeat of a season like that. Howard has found himself in a tremendous situation in Tampa and could be a star at the tight end position. I’d be shocked to see the former champs make a different selection if the draft shook up this way.

1.10 (Falcone) TE/WR Evan Engram

  • Now the draft board gets a little trickier. Falcone’s roster is pretty set at every position so this pick is really a luxury pick. I think the fact that Engram will be listed as a tight end is enough for Falcone to make this selection. While Kelce will be the starter, if he gets hurt, Engram is a viable option to fill in for him. Engram is basically an oversized receiver and the Giants might run the ball less than 5 times per game this season. The problem with Engram is that there is only so many balls to go around and he will likely be the third or fourth option for Eli in the passing game. However, his upside and red zone ability will intrigue Falcone enough to make this pick.

1.11 (Calhoun) WR Zay Jones

  • Once Falcone takes Engram, Calhoun will probably immediately start yelling “clock!” but after realizing that you can’t call clock on yourself, Calhoun will pick Zay Jones and add much needed depth to his wide receiving core. The bills moved up to take Jones early in the second round in the NFL draft, and will surely look to get him the ball early on. he is a big, phyiscal receiver with good hands and a ton of upside. Also since Sammy Hammy will probably be on I.R by week 4 or 5 Jones could find himself as one of the main targets in Buffalo.

1.12 (Head) WR Juju Smith-Schuster

  • Head can finally close out round one by taking the best remaining receiver on the board. Juju is still a puppy at only 20 years old, and got drafted to one of the most pass happy teams in the league. While Juju probably won’t make an immediate impact, Head can afford to sit on him and let him develop into a viable weapon for Pittsburgh. While Head might be tempted to draft Curtis Samuel here, It’s time for him to add a receiver over 6 feet tall that could potentially develop into an actual fantasy WR1 or 2.
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