The HDL Playoff Challenge

Introducing the yet another way the HDL spends the offseason, with a bit of a playoff challenge.

Nope, didn’t both with the overused Jim Mora gif.


You only choose your team once, meaning that if you pick someone like Tom Brady as your QB, you will not get any points the first week of the playoffs because he has a bye, in return if the Patriots get knocked out of the playoffs in second round of the playoffs, you will be like the Indianapolis Colts when it comes to QB (with no Luck) for the rest of the playoffs. The same goes for all positions, the team you pick at the beginning of the playoffs is the team you have throughout the entire playoffs. You will accumulate points in every game your players play in. So pick wisely!


Rosters will consist of:
 — 1 QB
 — 2 RB
 — 2 WR
 — 1 Flex
 — 1 TE
 — 1 Kicker


6 points—all touchdowns
1 point — 10 yards rushing/receiving 
1 point — 25 yards passing
1 point — per reception
-2 points — fumbles lost & interceptions 
2 points — 2 point conversions 
1 point — PAT
-1 point — missed PAT
3 points— 0–39 yard FG 
-2 points — 0–39 yard FG (missed)
4 points — 40–49 yard FG 
-1 points — 4–49 yard FG (missed)
5 points — 50+ yard FG


This sounds amazing, how do I sign up?

Teams will be $20. If you want to invite anyone outside the league, feel free. I will need all teams to me by this Thursday night at 8pm. As well as $20 sent to me via venmo. To submit a team, click on the link below and follow the instructions.


1st place — 70% of the pot
2nd place — 20% of the pot
3rd place — 10% of the pot


You, that’s right, you can win!

After I enter my team, what do I do?

It’s that easy!