…definitely all of you.


If the Sixers and Donald Trump had a baby, it’d be The Von Clownsticks. They continually over promise and under deliver. Heading into this season many declared that ‘The Tank’ was done and they would start contending. Falcone would have you believe they never tanked. They have their star who never plays due to injury, Keenan Allen. In the past, they had a penchant for acquiring assets with no regard for those they were dealing with.

There’s nothing to like here. From the roster straight to the owners. From QBs who range from 46 years old to the perennially overhyped to a who’s who of “We-Used-To-Be-Good” and “We-Promise-We’ll-Be-Good-Eventually” running backs and a WR corp that’s as deep as a Californian Stream, it’s hard to find a bright spot.

Our current POTUS is an autocrat right out of the school of Falcone. Both point to their success in deals only to ignore that to get those deals done they had to take advantage of their counterparts. The “great” deals may look good on paper, but the results are questionable at best. If not for the great people of the HDL, the league constitution would be a collection of executive orders put in place to please the megalomaniac who was, for reasons unexplainable, put in place to run it. When confronted with his loss to Brett the continued cry was “15–1,” or in other words:

Hell, Chris is a Patriots fan. Sound familiar?

Wonder if Trump waited to become a fan until after they won a Super Bowl too..

S.P.S. (Scott’s Post Script)

Hallahan told me his victory lap about Falcone was up and ready for anything I wanted to add…

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