Weekly Trade Summary 8/8–8/14


OK maybe not really, but after a drought that lasted almost 2 months (which is long for us) we’ve seen a good number of trades go down this past week as we prepare for the upcoming rookie draft in 12 days.

I thought there would be moves this draft, but I certainly didn’t expect so many so quickly. Let’s take a look at some interesting stats about the 2016 draft:

  • 5 teams now own all 12 of the first round picks
  • 75% of the first round is owned by either Mealey or Bartell
  • Mealey owns 25% of the entire first 3 rounds of our draft (!)
  • 3 teams don’t have any picks in the first two rounds
  • Brett doesn’t have any of his own picks in the first 3 rounds
  • …but still has managed to get 4 picks

Sarlo + Hark send 2016 1.09, Bartell sends Golden Tate

Falcone + Black send 1.02, Bartell sends Travis Kelce + 2017 2nd, Mealey somehow sends a conditional 3rd because why not

Falcone + Black send 3.7, Martino sends Delanie Walker

Hallahan + Lederer send 2016 1.11 + Kyle Rudolph, Bartell sends Clive Walford + Dion Lewis

Altbaum + Altbaum send Darren McFadden, Sarlo + Hark send 2018 4th

Sarlo + Hark send 2016 1.10 + Tyler Lockett, Mealey sends Head’s 2017 1st (also includes Sarlo + Hark’s 2017 1st if the incoming pick is 1.03 or better)

Hallahan + Lederer send Jeff Janis, Poulton sends Shaun Draughn

As you can see, lot’s of action. Though this means A) my mock draft is now worth even less than it was, and B) we probably won’t see quite as much early action this draft. But just like last year, don’t be surprised to see people moving around to get players in the 2+ rounds to get guys they want.

Another implication of these trades?

Before the trade Calhoun was sitting at the top at 100% with Sarlo/Hark right behind at 98%. So that could end up being a hell of a trade.