You’re Not Done Yet

So you didn’t make the playoffs, there’s still something to play for!

Just a reminder to all of you non-playoff teams, that while your draft position may be locked in, your season is not finished! The teams participating in this years consolation bracket are below in what will be their draft order:

  1. Sarlo/Hark
  2. Galante
  3. Martino
  4. Marino
  5. Bartell/Davis
  6. The Artist Formerly Known As Mealey

These six teams will compete in a three week all-play tournament. At the end of each week the highest scoring team will be awarded a 5–0 record, second highest scoring 4–1, and so on. At the end of three weeks the teams with the best three records will be declared the winners and get to draft divisions preceding the rookie draft.

Be aware! Last year, due to ties, we had two sets of ties at the end of the consolation bracket. To break those ties we coin flipped at the Summit. We also set up tiebreakers so that we won’t have to resort to a coin flip again. They are:

  1. Head to head Record (over the course of the three weeks of all play)
  2. Total Points For over the three weeks
  3. Coin Flip

The drafting of divisions has shown to be an important factor in this league, so play wisely!

Now go get ‘em!
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