Helbiz-Monday Update

An update on the pending app store approval, local partnerships, and development focus

App Store

Last week the Helbiz application was submitted to the App Store, and after the initial review, we were encouraged to update and adapt minor parts of the code and policies before a second review.


Currently, the team is working on integrating the referral infrastructure into the Helbiz application allowing all users to refer friends and thereby give and receive free rides to the platform.

Simultaneously, the blockchain team has started its development of the dedicated sidechain solution for HelbizPay which will form the foundation for HBZ payments both in the Helbiz app and throughout the Helbiz ecosystem — with the goal of turning HBZ into one of the most used daily real-life digital currencies in the near future initially centered around instantaneous low-fee micro-payments.

In a space predominantly shaped by hype, talk and complex visions often several years away from an MVP, Helbiz is instead focused on, and have established, real partnerships, real world implementation and a real physical product as the foundation for its future growth.
It is of the highest priority to integrate HBZ payments in the next few months directly in-app and thereafter take an active role in the global debate utilizing our own product and personal connections with local governments to help shape the regulatory framework and usability of digital currencies in general.
HelbizPay, through our own sidechain, SDK’s and API’s will expand the reach of HBZ enabling 3rd party merchants, outside of the Helbiz ecosystem, to accept instant low-cost crypto micropayments. By creating developer friendly kits we will allow 3rd parties to integrate HelbizPay with ease, allowing merchants to process payments with fees as low as 0.02% compared to the current 4-5% through traditional Credit Card processors of micropayments of a few dollars.
The product, and side chain functionality is solely a part of the challenge when working on large scale projects that is directly connected to the real world and traditional structures. In order to successfully integrate digital currencies in regulated markets with skeptic governments and traditional banking systems it is essential to work closely with regulators and establish the proper legal infrastructure with correct licenses to legally operate and succeed in the long term.
- Salvatore Palella


The New York team continues to work on licenses to launch and operate HelbizGo throughout Europe and America.

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