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Helidon 3.0 is released

After two years of development, the Helidon team is proud to announce the release of Helidon 3.0!

What’s new

  • Java 17
    The minimum Java version is updated to Java 17 — the latest LTS release.
  • MicroProfile 5.0 and Jakarta EE 9.1
    Helidon MP 3 implements the MicroProfile 5.0 Platform and selected Jakarta EE 9.1 specifications. In this release, we are dropping javax.* packages and fully-embracing jakarta.* packages. Oracle is committed to Jakarta EE; Helidon 3.0 is the first Oracle product using the jakarta.* namespace, but we are just getting started! Soon, Coherence CE will add jakarta.* namespace support (September 2022).
  • JEP-290 security hardening
    JEP-290 provides tools to harden security when deserializing objects using Java serialization. Helidon does not use Java serialization because of security concerns. For additional protection, in Helidon 3.0, any deserialization is disabled by default (it can still be used, but requires additional configuration).
  • Updated Helidon SE routing API
    We changed the design of the multiprotocol part of the API, delivering improvements and simplifications when specifying routes for different protocols (websocket, HTTP/1, HTTP/2).
  • Project Starter
    Project Starter is a new web UI for creating Helidon projects. It’s highly customizable, providing various options that allow users to select Helidon features they want to add to the project. End users will be able to generate projects to their specific needs. Check it out: Helidon Starter.
  • Updated CLI
    Updated Helidon CLI brings all the benefits of the Project Starter to the command line, enabling users to enjoy customizable project generation without leaving the terminal.

See the release notes on GitHub for a full list of changes.

How to Upgrade

Upgrading Helidon SE applications from Helidon 2.X to 3.0 is straightforward. You may need to adapt the routing part of your application if you are using multiple protocols. See our Helidon SE Upgrade Guide for more information.

To upgrade your existing Helidon MP application, you will need to change to jakarta.* dependencies and address backwards compatibility issues (if there are any). See our Helidon MP Upgrade Guide for more information.


We would appreciate your feedback about this release. Contact us:


Thanks to the Helidon Team and all external contributors for making this release possible.

The Helidon team includes:

Andrii Serkes, Arjav Desai, Daniel Kec, David Kral, Dmitry Aleksandrov, Dmitry Kornilov, Ed Bratt, Jeff Trent, Joe Di Pol, Keith Lustria, Laird Nelson, Lisa Jamen, Randy Stafford, Romain Grecourt, Santiago Pericas-Geertsen, Thibault Vallin, Tim Quinn, Tomas Langer



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