Small delay due WX

Enjoy fireworks night. FPL filed for 1030 tomorrow to Reims.

So WX is aviation-speak for weather. There is a cold front passing through France which means if we had left today we would have what Sarah calls “droppy clouds” over the forests N of Lyon. Turns out it was worthwhile anyway because Peter from Pirtek was able to fix us some cool fuel hosing for the extender tanks.

Weight is a perpetual issue, even with only 2 humans in a 4-seater. We removed one of the back seats today as we are fairly sure we won’t need to carry more than 1 passenger.

The manifest looks something like this
86kg Paddy + life jacket (not taking dry suit)
70kg Sarah + life jacket (not taking dry suit)
5kg Emergency grab bag inc water
7kg Life raft + 7kg (friend’s liferaft)
5kg R44 Easywheels
5kg Oil x 6
10kg Sarah clothes
10kg Paddy clothes (equality)
5kg Gadgets & tools
3kg Black tie
2kg Windshield cover
7kg Delivery tank, pump and hose


G-RALA basic empty weight 733kg (1617.13lb) and max take-off weight 1134kg (2500lb). The above load is 223kg or 956kg loaded, that leaves 178kg or 250 litres for Avgas. Assuming main+aux tanks are full with 176l, we only have room for 74l in our 250l delivery tank.