Kerman Kohli
Jul 8 · 2 min read

We are releasing more information about Helis Network through a series of articles that will break down the project around our vision and thoughts. Hope you will read and enjoy them; it’s certainly a great way to align and support the project. These will be released over a period of the next couple of weeks.

7 Days of Helis

Day 1 — What we’re doing
Day 2 — How we started
Day 3 — Make products great again
Day 4 — Token Use Case
Day 5 — Bridge Fee
Day 6 — Panda Network


Helis Network is focused on making DeFi accessible and powerful for enterprises. DeFi is a broad category that includes decentralised finance: lending, derivatives, payments, stable coins, decentralised exchanges.

We’re bringing these aspects of finance into usable products that directly solve business problems

Why Products?

“The Myth of The Infrastructure Phase” is a great read written by Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures. To summarise his thesis, apps inspire infrastructure. Not the other way around.

We believe that once you deliver a high quality user experience, you can build meaningful infrastructure to enhance the user experience. Helis Payment Protocol is an example of infrastructure that directly compliments the products we’ve developed so far.


Helis’ philosophy is developing products that target pain points for our customers. While we were developing our subscription payment product, we were repeatedly told that distributing tokens to businesses was an extremely difficult challenge. So that’s exactly the opportunity we decided to pursue as it presented to be a bigger opportunity at the time.

Our early traction and demonstration of product market fit has come from this product as it solves a real problem by introducing efficiencies in businesses.

Our payroll solution solves the following pain points for businesses:

  • Salary payments. Employees getting regularly paid in crypto via Ether or stable coins.
  • Vesting token payments. Investors or employees who have distribution of tokens as part of their compensation plan.
  • Batched payments. Distributing tokens to a large number of users.


That’s about it for this article, stay tuned for the next edition coming out about how Helis started!


Helis Network

DeFi made Simple.

Kerman Kohli

Written by

Founder Helis Network

Helis Network

DeFi made Simple.

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