Kerman Kohli
Aug 23 · 2 min read

We’re proud to showcase our re-defined vision.

Our new website reflects the wider vision in which Helis intends to develop an ecosystem of products.

Our goals is to create a gateway to decentralised finance (DeFi) for consumers, enterprises and exchanges who wish to maximise earnings, hedge risk and improve efficiency. This is achieved through our products such as lending, payroll, and liquidity solutions with an easy-to-use user interface — enhanced by unifying the best DeFi protocols.

Lend & Earn Beta Launch

We’ve prioritised lending as our flagship product given the growth of lending protocols as a whole in the DeFi ecosystem. This will aim to provide an opportunity to:

1) Use the industry’s leading Lending protocols like Compound and dYdX

2) Simple user experience and easy to use user interface without any extra download

3) Earn the best available interest rates (up to 15% variable APR) from your browser

In preparation to launch the Lend & Earn product, we have a campaign with $1000 in Helis tokens to be won. The focus of the campaign is to ensure we are able to build a community of users for the product. Visit to enter in the draw.

Other Products

Additionally, Enterprises and Companies can eliminate thousands in HR and Payroll Costs by using our Payroll system, and Exchanges have access to bleeding-edge DeFi-contracts and lending solutions as part of our drop and drag deployments.

We want to make it simple for everyone to understand, while not abandoning the technical understanding of what Helis does. Helis is a protocol that unifies leading De-Fi protocols and blockchains by standardising communication between them to create and execute complex financial transactions.


Updating the community of our future plans and refreshing the roadmap is on our priority in the next few days. This will follow with our announcements and updates on the launch of the first product ‘Lend & Earn’.

Please subscribe to the announcement channel to follow our progress.

Helis Network

DeFi made Simple.

Kerman Kohli

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Founder Helis Network

Helis Network

DeFi made Simple.

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