Kerman Kohli
Aug 1 · 2 min read

Every crypto project lives and dies by the strength of its community. Beyond price speculation and memes, we wanted to create a deeper way to engage with the community so… we came up with the Helis Original Panda (OP) Community Program!

The OP Community is to engage with our closest supporters so we can drive Helis together as a collective effort in the spirit of decentralisation. Some of the things you’ll be engaged with as part of the OP community:

  • User interviews in order to do product research.
  • Get exclusive access to new products that we’re in the process of developing.
  • Bi-weekly OP calls where we brainstorm initiatives to help move the community forward.
  • Become ambassadors for the products we create and educating people about DeFi.

Our mission is to help transition the world into a new era of finance and we’re looking for those of you who are philosophically aligned. So what do you get in return for being part of the OP community?

  1. A chance to help drive the project’s vision by discussing your ideas via chat or in our bi-weekly OP calls.
  2. Community of people as passionate as you about Helis.
  3. Earn 100 Panda points/month (which can be redeemed for HELIS tokens once the token generation event has occurred).
  4. Get OP swag (t-shirts, jumpers, mugs, stickers).

Who are we looking for?

Literally anyone who cares about DeFi wants to get involved in a more meaningful way. Even if you’re not a developer or designer, your support is what matters the most to us.

How do I get involved?

We’ll be accepting rolling applications for people to be a part of the OP Community. In the application please clearly explain and articulate why you’re excited about DeFi. Our goal isn’t to hear nice things, we want to really hear your voice and passion first and foremost.

How do I get started?

‌Easy. Simply fill out this form:

Helis Network

DeFi made Simple.

Kerman Kohli

Written by

Founder Helis Network

Helis Network

DeFi made Simple.

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