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Mar 21 · 4 min read

Protocol Weekly is a newsletter to exclusively showcase the progress of Ethereum protocols and other layer 1 chains.

This year we’re starting to see the trend of exchanges doing their own launch-pad style offerings boosting demand for their token and helping projects do raises. Binance was the first but many more are following. However something that excites me much more is doing something similar via automated market makers (AMM) such as Uniswap. This Token Economy article outlines the mechanics pretty well:

On a broader scale though, it seems like sentiment across the market is slowly becoming more bullish. Prices still remain depressed with the possibility of going lower but people’s belief is slowly starting to increase. It’s also becoming increasingly clear that price is highly divorced from fundamentals considering multiple metrics such as developer activity, application development & usage and innovation much higher than it was two years ago. To further illustrate this point I release a little site last week that shows all the things you can do on Ethereum today. Check it out at:

That’s all for this week folks!


From Alexandra:


From Leila:

  • Loopring’s Matthew Finestone attended Fintech Cadence’s Ascension accelerator to help mentor fintech startups on blockchain day.
  • LRC was listed on BC Bitcoin, where users can buy and sell LRC with multiple fiat currencies.
  • Loopring partnered with Changelly, to open LRC to USD/EUR purchasing channels. Users can use their credit cards to purchase LRC directly through Changelly.
  • Loopring Bi-Weekly Update — 03/16/2019
  • We published the design of a new auction-based trading protocol, scheduled an LRC token contract upgrade, and made substantial progress in Loopring Protocol 3.0.

From Bass:

  • Another big week! We have a full version of MPX up and running for internal testing
  • Implemented Error logging across dev, staging, and production environments
  • Completed work on admin panel API, now focused on user account API
  • Completed user account design flows for new & returning users
  • Lots of bug stomping across APIs, admin, & DEX

From Jay:

  • AirSwap is co-hosting Fluidity Summit on May 9 at the Williamsburgh Savings Bank (Weylin). Limited early bird tickets are on sale now. You can stay up to date with event updates on the official Facebook Events page.

One thing we need help with:

AirSwap is looking for a front-end engineer to join our team! If you’re interested in what our team is working on at AirSwap, please submit an application in the “Careers” section here.

Liquidity Network

From Tony:

  • Bug fixing on client library, which is fully compatible with all major browsers
  • Revive Liquidity Canvas
  • Liquidity Faucet included on coming V2 mobile app

All Our Projects:

Parity, Loopring, Matic Network, The Graph, Origin Protocol, AirSwap, Kyber Network, Wanchain, Aion, ICON, CDx, Abacus Protocol, Enigma, Set Protocol, Codex Protocol, Colony, The Graph, POA Network, Connext Network, Dharma Protocol, Paradigm, Market Protocol, Liquidity Network.

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