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Apr 8 · 4 min read

Protocol Weekly is a newsletter to exclusively showcase the progress of Ethereum protocols and other layer 1 chains.

Hello to this (slightly) late edition of Protocol Weekly! This week has been pretty unexpected with the recent price action. A few souls on Crypto Twitter are already calling it a bull market. While sentiment has changed for sure, we’re still a while away before things go parabolic and there’s a rush of insanity in the markets again. Since the last bull market there’s been plenty of amazing developments in the industry. However we’ll end up with irrational exuberance followed by disillusionment once again.

This week, Parity’s made good progress with their test net finalising blocks in ~ 2 seconds. For those of you wondering about Cosmos vs Polkadot, I’ll actually be releasing an article later on this week about the differences between the two in a detailed level of specification. Both projects are working on the problem but have made some key decisions which separate their technical architectures and subsequent uses. Stay tuned for it.

Market Protocol also launched their MPX exchange on main-net — congrats team! Hopefully the amount locked in DeFi will accelerate even quicker now ;)

That’s a wrap for this week, peace!

From Alexandra:

From Bass:

  • We launched our exchange MPX on mainnet! Our whole team is proud of this accomplishment, woot woot!
  • Currently wETH / DAI is available for trading so that our market makers can integrate and begin providing liquidity.
  • This release is a big step towards the mainnet launch of our Position Token minting platform, which is coming soon. We will have more information to share in the coming weeks.

From Leila:

  • Loopring has been added onto U-News, one of the largest crypto media in China.
  • Loopring was selected as one of “The 100+ Projects Pioneering Decentralized Finance” by ConsenSys.
  • Loopring COO, Johnston, met with Bigcoinvietnam, a Vietnam’s local blockchain media company, exploring more about the Vietnam market.
  • Loopring attended the 2019 Blockchain Investors Summit in Vietnam. COO Johnston delivered a keynote.
  • We have made excellent progress on Loopring 3.0, Oedax, and Lightcone relayer implementation. We’ll open source all of them soon in Q2.

From Tony:

From Shane:

  • EDCON Hackathon participants! Here’s Kyber Network’s $1,500 USD Bounty: Integrate Kyber’s protocol into a DApp that utilises one of the scaling solutions. Visit to learn more. Register for the hackathon at
  • Kyber’s swap functionality was featured in a video about the Enjin Wallet on Samsung’s Galaxy 10 mobile phone.
  • Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is now a supported asset on Coinbase Custody. Institutions and individuals can now securely store their KNC tokens with a regulated custodian.

From Jay:

  • AirSwap is co-hosting Fluidity Summit on May 9 at the Williamsburgh Savings Bank (Weylin). Limited early bird tickets are on sale now. You can stay up to date with event updates on the official Facebook Events page.

One thing we need help with:

AirSwap is looking for a front-end engineer to join our team! If you’re interested in what our team is working on at AirSwap, please submit an application in the “Careers” section here.

All Our Projects:

Parity, Loopring, Matic Network, The Graph, Origin Protocol, AirSwap, Kyber Network, Wanchain, Aion, ICON, CDx, Abacus Protocol, Enigma, Set Protocol, Codex Protocol, Colony, The Graph, POA Network, Connext Network, Dharma Protocol, Paradigm, Market Protocol, Liquidity Network.

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