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Apr 16 · 3 min read

Protocol Weekly is a newsletter to exclusively showcase the progress of Ethereum protocols and other layer 1 chains.

Hello everyone to another week of Protocol Weekly. Last week I went to EDCON in Syndey which was a bunch of fun. My main two highlights were Vitalik giving an overview on how Casper CBC worked and then hearing him rap about Ethereum to the best of his ability. Highly recommending watching that clip if you haven’t already.

Also, last week I finally published my piece on Cosmos and Polkadot ( Something that’s becoming clear with the current state of development timelines is that:

a) Launching a chain is much, much harder than anything thinks it is

b) Since launching a new chain is extremely difficult, layer 2 solutions that offer security guarantees of a base layer chain with the scalability of their own ecosystem are going to be extremely important.

For example, interoperability that can make use of DeFi on Ethereum is still a couple of years away at the minimum. It seems to me that when inter-chain communication frameworks are fully developed that’s when we’ll start seeing more substantial action. Until then, it’s build time.

From Alexandra:

From Leila:

From Bass:

  • We soft launched our exchange MPX last week! Working now to provision liquidity
  • Small updates and fixes to our middleware and DEX
  • Brought our FAQ up to speed with our smart contracts and API
  • Made a lot of progress defining our rewards program for new users

From Tony:

  • Liquidity Network’s COO, Guillaume Felley, will present NOCUST- A securely scalable commit-chain on 13 Apr at EDCON Sydney 2019.

All Our Projects:

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