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Launching the DeWi Grant Program

Starting today, 1,000,000 HNT is available for grants and the application is open for submissions

The Decentralized Wireless Alliance (DeWi) exists as a community steward to expand and promote global peer-to-peer wireless networks. The Helium network and their open source technologies have made incredible strides as the leading distributed wireless network and DeWi has played an active role leading its governance process. It has always been our intention to make greater contributions and offer more resources to the Helium community, and to that end, we’re thrilled to announce the opening of the DeWi Grant Program.

The Helium community has been ambitiously devoted to improving and growing the network since its inception. With over 18,000 live hotspots, the network already has broad coverage across the US and Europe. Tools such as analytics dashboards, device trackers, wallets, and a blockchain explorer have been critical to adoption and use. DeWi is excited to build on this momentum with the launch of our grant program and provide new incentives to grow and improve the network.

Up to $100k USD is available per grant for 2021.

Start a Grant Application

Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and prioritized into batches. Applications for batch 1 will close on March 31st. Grants are available in multiple denominations up to $100k in value. Larger projects will be milestone based, include a lock-up period, and depending on scope, may be eligible for multiple grants.

Individuals or teams can apply for a grant, or pursue open bounties listed on the DeWi grant page. Applicants should be prepared to explain their project, its stage of development, if there’s a significant population that stands to benefit, and how the project team has been involved with Helium to date. All projects applying for grants share the goal of growing the Helium network, and there is opportunity to work across a variety of areas. For example, there is a shortage of analytics tools showing how much and how frequent data is flowing through the network. On the token side, additional wallets and wallet integrations will help drive more HNT activity. A trust-minimized bridge into Ethereum would provide more utility for HNT within the DeFi ecosystem. For writers and designers, there’s a range of content that would help the community, such as educational pieces for new hosts that explain how hotspots interact with home networks. Alternatively, if you’re multilingual, Helium documentation has yet to be translated as the community grows in other parts of the world, most notably, China.

DeWi is incredibly excited to support and grow community contributions. Even more so, we look forward to all the outcomes that will benefit hosts, users, and HNT holders. We encourage all prospective grant applicants to be creative, consider what has worked well across both broader blockchain and wireless communities, and focus on what The People’s Network needs to drive the next wave of network users.


Questions: grants@dewi.org

Join the Discussion: #DeWi channel on Discord

Start a Grant Application

DeWi Grant Readme and Listed Bounties

Thank you to existing community members who have done so much thus far and welcome to new community members just getting started. Let’s continue building a better wireless network that is distributed, open, economically fair, and powered by people.



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