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This is an email from Digital Trust Matters, a newsletter by helix id.

Get to know the Blockchain HELIX team!

We are Blockchain HELIX, a German tech startup in the heart of Frankfurt.

With our digital identity solution, we provide every European citizen with a verified digital identity. Thus, we enable a secure and trustworthy digital ecosystem. Self-Sovereign Identity for all of Europe is our goal.

In mid August, we launched our blockchain based app helix id for users. That was an incredible moment for everyone individually, but also for our whole team. But the success story doesn’t stop here. We will continue with our app development as well as expand our team. We are currently looking for enthusiastic team members, who want to be part of this incredible adventure. You can find the current job openings here.

Also, get to know some of our team members and our daily office life:

Our legal consultant, Nathan!

Our Instagram fairy, Anastasia!

And here you’ll get to know more about the office life at Blockchain HELIX!

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helix id Smart Wallet

helix id Smart Wallet


Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use Smart ID Wallet for the WEB2 and WEB3 for trendy people. Pioneer spirit and Blockchain technology make it possible!