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Meet the Team: Miriam!

Get to know our online marketing working student, Miriam.

Name: Miriam A. Oduro
Online Marketing
Career path:
Student (International Business Information Systems)
Music, sports & shoes
Fun Fact
: I have very small ears and I don’t like to take photos of myself.

Tomas Hahn: Hello, Miriam! You work as a online marketing working student at Blockchain HELIX. Tell us something about you and how you came to Blockchain HELIX.

Miriam Oduro: Hey there! I’ve found the position online! I identified myself with the job description and immediately applied for it. And now I’m here! I had some experience with blockchain technology before, we talked about it in our studies. But that was pretty superficial, so I still had to read a lot about it on my own.

TH: So you’re studying business informatics here in Frankfurt. Did you have any points of contact with blockchain technology beforehand?

MO: Actually, I am studying International Business Information Systems because the international focus was quite important for me. I grew up in a bilingual home and wanted to learn other additional languages. I also like the idea of working in an international context. Yes, I had points of contact with the blockchain technology through bitcoin. It was during the hype and the high price of bitcoin that we talked a lot about it in my studies.

TH: What are your plans after you are done with your studies?

MO: After my bachelors? I actually want to do another bachelor degree, this time in business analytics. After that I really would like to do my master degree abroad! But I can’t tell you what my exact plans are. For now, I am here and I am happy!

TH: What do you like the most about your work at Blockchain HELIX?

MO: I am a huge fan of the flexible working schedule here at Blockchain HELIX. Because of my studies I am relatively limited in time. The team is super helpful and understanding when it comes to my limited time, there are absolutely no negative contradiction!

Besides that, I like that we are a very diverse team and everyone is encouraged to contribute their own ideas or suggestions. Together with flat hierarchies, I feel like we have a pleasant working atmosphere.

TH: What do you do besides your profession and studies?

MO: I wish I had an answer for you. But my studies and working at Blockchain HELIX already takes a lot of my time. If I am on vacation, I really like to travel. My goal is to visit every single continent. I also listen to a lot of music and like to share it with others.

TH: Thanks for the chat, Miriam!

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