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Our daily office life at Blockchain HELIX!

Insights into our mindset as a team and day-to-day work

We are Blockchain HELIX, a German technology start-up in the heart of Frankfurt. Our mission is to fundamentally change our digital lives — making them safer, more trustworthy and fairer. For that purpose, we are developing helix id, an app which allows you to use your Digital Identity securely and independently.

Admittedly, our mission is ambitious and takes a lot of persistence, know-how and enthusiasm. Yet, we firmly believe that technical progress and a strong and motivated team — united by a common goal — can achieve great things.

In this article we would like to share our way of thinking as a team. We’ve introduced a couple of actions and habits into our daily work life, with the infamous sentence in mind: If you want to change the world, you’ll have to start with yourself first.

Through these actions and behaviors, we hope to improve our teamwork, our well-being and to follow a more conscious approach to ourselves, our environment and our shared goal.

If you want to get to know more about the team members at Blockchain HELIX, check out our team interviews.

Monday meeting with meditation

Who doesn’t know it? While you are still sunk in thoughts about the weekend — one of your colleagues yawns loudly, another one rubs his eyes — you meet to discuss the tasks for the week. We at Blockchain HELIX know that a successful Monday meeting can set a positive tone for the rest of the week. So, instead of nodding through the meeting, we’ve introduced a couple of minutes of meditation prior to the meeting.

Our meditation circle

This helps to put your thoughts and ideas in order. Without any interference, you can prepare for the week. The meditation is led by our marketing expert, Sandra, who uses relaxing music, beguiling fragrances and a guided meditation on a specific topic. The week could not begin any better!

Following the meditation, our founder Oliver initiates the actual team meeting. To keep up with the rapidly-changing blockchain scene, we have a short news flash on topics related to Digital Identity and Blockchain. Afterwards, every team member has exactly one minute to speak about his or her tasks for the week (and we mean one minute, so that we don’t have any overflowing discussion on Monday morning).

Daily stretching and conscious nutrition

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”

Every day, shortly after lunch, there is a team stretching. Of course, participation is voluntary, but usually most of the team joins in, since it has become an appreciated routine. For ten minutes, we loosen our muscles with stretching exercises in a standing-up position — a welcome change from sitting in an office chair. A couple of minutes already improve the posture and well-being noticeably. We’ve appointed Tomas as our official fitness coach, who always comes up with new exercises and motivational speeches.

Additionally, we intend to reduce our intake of industrial sugar. For that, we have a fruit basket, with regional and organic products (wherever possible).

Plastic free

We are not yet perfect, but we try to make our office life as plastic free as possible. For some time now, the free water and drinks are only bought in glass bottles. We are also launching a new initiative to reduce take away litter; strategic talks with our regular restaurants are being conducted.

But a plastic-free office is just the beginning. Recently, Blockchain HELIX joined the initiative Leaders for Climate Action. Founded at the end of 2019, more than 300 digital companies have joined the action group, with a joint goal: By 2035 Germany should be using solely renewable energy, be climate-neutral and digital.

Team challenges

Another core element of our joint activities are the monthly team challenges. These often have a theme, such as Halloween or Christmas. Usually two randomly selected teams compete against each other (hence challenge) and the winning team is immortalized on our “Wall of Fame”. Of course, the competitions remain friendly and easy-going.

The winning team of our XMAS-Challenge (f.l.t.r.): Tomas, Felix, Ansik, Nathan
Our wall of fame showing all winners of the team challenges.

Business trips

The following applies for all team members as well as our founder Oliver: Business trips within Germany are made exclusively by train.

Public transportation and bicycle

Of course, this is not a must. Yet, the whole team comes to the office either by bike or public transportation. This may be due to our office’s location (close to the central station of Frankfurt) and therefore the lack of parking spots. Or possibly our team members want to be environmentally conscious. Probably a bit of both.

Our office in the heart of Frankfurt

These are some of the habits, which we’ve integrated into our daily office life. If you want to get to know the team of Blockchain HELIX better, feel free to visit our website at www.blockchain-helix.com and leave us a message! We are also looking for new team members, check out our current job openings.



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