A Toast To Fitness!

Deepti Gaonkar
Aug 10, 2020 · 3 min read

In today’s digital world we have a mobile application for everything. The advent of the smartphone has completely changed the way we live.

However, when it comes to health problems like obesity in children, and many other, mobile phones are often blamed.

But not every app is there to cause health issues on your phone. Recently, the trend of health and fitness apps have gained strong momentum.

An App for your Healthy Life!

It makes it useful for all the fitness freaks and to those who don’t go to the gym and exercise often because of its easy functionality updates and assists them to exercise regularly.

App features

One of the biggest advantages is the weight goal setting option availed by this app — it allows users to set targets and work towards reaching there by following the fitness planner. For example, you need to reduce your weight by n Kgs. And in order to achieve that target, you will be given daily targets in terms of calories to be burned, the number of water glasses, adding a meal to your diet plan assigned by a nutritionist.

Never was this speculated that a mobile app can take the place of gym instructor but nowadays more and more tech geeks who are focused on bodybuilding & workout are going for this sort of app.

Not only is this restricted to Gym and workout but it can also be your yoga instructor, Nutritionist. Ranging from cardio-based training to heavy weight lifting, Fitkout provides an ultimate advantage to those who are up for the challenge. It takes into account the user’s vital stats and thereafter it suggests where all the user is required to focus.

The app is not only set to replace your fitness coach, gym trainer and yoga instructor but also it is set to replace your nutritionist which focuses on various aspects of healthy living by holistically utilizing resources for Diet & Weight Loss Management, Weight gain management, Food & Recipes, Vitamins & Supplements. One can easily keep a check on the absorption of fat, calories, proteins, fiber, etc.

Fitkout app enables users to purchase supplements from the store which is categorized into Protein, Gainers, and Ayurveda.

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