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Assured Global Presence

Spread Across 2 Indian and 6 International locations spread across North America, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.

Global Presence

The Helixtech is among those Global IT companies which takes technological innovations very seriously and leads the path for solutions and explore the possibilities of application in an optimized way. We have a team across 3 continents and 8 cities. Such is the kind of width that we cover and our solutions are being used worldwide for making businesses run smoothly.

Maintaining such a level of presence give us the advantage of taking the cultural solution from one region to other cities and implement with ease. Learning from those solutions which were created for the existing customer comes handy to us and such exposure helps us in building the customer relationship which lasts forever. Our presence is making a huge impact on a lot of businesses because we have 24*7 support for our clients across any part of the world. This makes sure that their business never goes down and there is always someone looking for them.

Cultural Inclusion

Our team is a very diverse set of people from different backgrounds across multiple locations. Such Inclusion brings the newness to the discussion and takes the product building activity to the next level. Each city has a different way of looking at certain technology and they might have a different set of ideas for implementing a solution.

Each city might not need them but ideologies can make a huge difference for everyone. Some cities are more advanced in comparison to others when it comes to implementations of futuristic technology while others could be more advanced in terms of using technology in traditional business. For e.g., one of the clients was searching for solutions in the AR/VR field and we delivered him that solution in 2015 when the guidelines were very vague in terms of ideal solutions. While for our other client which was the largest travel portal in Turkey at the time made a courageous move of taking every booking to the mobile application and digitizing the entire process when most of them were afraid to think of it. Such learnings help us in the future when we work with clients from any categories.

Product Portfolio

When you work on a global scale with so many clients across the globe it is very easy for us to get the most diverse set of the product portfolio. Our products are solving some of the basic problems of big cities while some of our apps are entertaining the users with its gameplay and game concept. Our product range includes a simple game with some mind-blowing graphic to a corporate app for handling daily more thousands of transactions. Our team knows how to deal with different clients and what it takes to get the data from our customers so that the best product is delivered to increase our product portfolio range.



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