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If you are an organization, enterprise, or a startup, and looking for the technology to complement your project with a fast and simple user interface, then hire MERN Developers to achieve your goals. But hiring a skilled and trustworthy developer has become a challenging task for web development companies. The increasing demand and popularity of MERN in the market has hit a new high in hiring MERN developers.

The trend of hiring the best offshore MERN Developers is booming across the globe. But why is it so? Firstly, it is a very affordable option for companies to hire offshore MERN Developers. Secondly, it exposes to a larger pool of talent to hire from any corner of the world. Other than that, Offshore hiring provides more benefits as well.

Before having a look at the process of hiring a MERN Stack Developers ,let us understand the MERN Technology.

What is MERN Stack?

MERN stack is a web development framework. Its working components include MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS which are JavaScript technologies used for easier and quicker order and placement of full-stack Web applications All of these four technologies provide an end-to-end framework and play a major role in Software Application development. With these technologies .MongoDB is a cross platform database system, Node JS is an open source, back-end runtime environment, Express JS is a back-end web framework for Node JS and React is a front-end framework.

Top apps built using MERN Stack technology

Why choose MERN Stack Technology over others?

Advantages of MERN

Each of the 4 components of MERN enhances the performance of the developed Applications .MongoDB provides higher scalability whereas ExpressJS adds on to the speed .UI layer abstraction becomes smooth under the hood of React JS which gives you a convenient hand on the modification of the code .Thus it is comparatively better than Angular considering UI rendering and performance .

Lets us have a look at the distinctive features of each of these components.


If you are wondering what MongoDB provides which other databases cannot ,you must know that in all other databases like MySQL ,PostgreSQL ,etc. fixed table like structure is generated which makes it difficult to access the data when some of the objects have different fields .MongoDB resolves this issue of data accessibility making it faster than any other database.

Express JS

This is a server side modular framework which basically runs on the NodeJS platform and facilitates the quick creation of complex Applications .This increases the development efficiency.

React JS

This is an open source JavaScript library which if once created can be used in multiple Applications .It includes basic concepts of HTML and JavaScript making it easier to learn and implement.

Node JS

It is an open source server side framework that provides event driven ,non-blocking I/O .Since Node JS uses asynchronous programming the waiting time is eliminated making it better than PHP and ASP.NET

Why is it becoming challenging to Hire MERN Stack Developers?

There are many reasons which makes it complicated for organizations or startups to filter the best candidate and hire MERN Stack Developers. Let’s take a look at the challenges faced by these organizations.

  • Increased demand and usage of MERN for web application development is one of the reasons. Companies opt for this technology since it provides a great advantage over competitors.
  • As a rapid app development technology, companies aim for it and this results in a fast growing demand for JavaScript in the market. But this increased demand fails to get fulfilled because of the unavailability or scarcity of enough specialist MERN Developers in the market.
  • Picking the suitable skilled candidate for your company is always a difficult attempt to make. However, it becomes more complicated when there are very few options to choose the right talent..
  • The hire and fire procedure seems very fast and unreliable as the developers fail to meet the companies requirements. This resulted in difficulty in hiring MERN Stack developers frequently.

How Helix Tech will provide MERN Stack Developers?

As a Software Company, helix Tech offers IT software solutions using different development technologies .We build apps using open-source stacks and advanced combination tools that make app development simple. MERN stack helps our developers to build apps in less time and also develop extremely interactive applications without complexities. We want to have interactive and innovative web applications with appealing UI so we can grab the user’s attention and MERN Stack development fulfils this criteria at its best.

We, at Helix Tech have highly skilled developers knowing every aspect of MERN JavaScript based application development. The process which follows to provide you the best developers is also very simple ,which includes candidate sourcing ,resume sharing ,connecting with the Project Manager ,agreeing to terms and conditions and then the development team will be yours.

How can hiring MERN Stack Developers help your business grow?

The web and app development industry has progressed to a great extent as compared to what it was earlier. Developing a web app provides a number of unique and creative web designs to work on. They are all built utilizing ‘tech stack’ which includes robust and scalable technologies that are ruling the web development industry nowadays.

Choosing the right Tech Stack ensures fast web development and high-level efficiency for businesses and help them in delivering inevitable web experience to the users.


Now we know all the technologies included in MERN .Also we have understood its benefits in comparison to other technologies used for development .So now that you have known the pros and cons of different technologies the selection of right technology for the right development project will be easier .If you want to have a deeper diver into this field please read below details .

Feel free to approach us!

So if you want to choose MERN technology to start with your next project ,you are definitely going to have an awesome experience!

Want to build an application using MERN Technology? Feel free to Approach us! Helix Tech will be happy to provide you the best of the MERN Stack Developers.

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