Progressive Web Apps: Future of Mobile Application

Progressive Web Apps are user experiences that have the reach of the web and are reliable, fast, engaging

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Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application that provides native app experiences using browser. PWAs behaves like a mobile application, which means it can be added as a shortcut on your home screen, send a notification, access the core functionality of devices, and work offline. Progressive Web App work just as smoothly in an unstable connection or in the absence of a network, as it would be with internet access.

Progressive Web App not only offer the engagement and reach of the traditional web but also uses the advantage of new features of the platform to compete on the same ground as their native counterparts.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Low Data Consumption

PWAs only use a fraction of data usage compared to native apps. A native app that consumes 10mb of data can be cut to just 500kb with a PWA. This is a huge saving in the data consumption for people where buying data is expensive. PWAs don’t require huge storage space on the device. This frees up a lot of space that a native app generally takes boosting the phone's performance. Kong, an e-commerce company from Nigeria, used PWA that brought down the data consumption by 92% compared to its native counterpart. Thus helping the end user with low cost of using PWAs compare to its native app.

Hardware Specific Feature

PWA has the capability of accessing hardware features of a mobile phone such as push notification, and other options. A Business has full control over how to implement these features, allowing an innovative way of pulling customers and engaging with them in this newly established channel. For example, a new promotional offer from your organization can be sent to the users mobile phone which is more readable and engaging compared to those email newsletter in the spam or any updates on social media.

No Forced Regular Update

Native Apps require a regular update which is sometimes very heavy and requires a WiFi connection. This lead to a huge consumption of data. PWAs don’t have any such problems. They are almost similar to the website, every time a user opens the app everything gets updated. Anything can be fixed immediately and can be sent to update the app without requiring the permission of the app stores. Updates in PWAs are quicker as most of the business logic sits on the server and only essential logic and UI needs to send to the user so updating it becomes a lot easier.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

Most of the online activities start with a search engine, not on the app or any app store. So when people search for solutions it is our PWAs that comes into their sight and capture them as our customer. If your app loads faster then this will improve your ranking among the search engines. Finding apps is always difficult in app stores if people are trying to find solutions for their certain problem then search engine as it is the bigger platform.

Driving Business

Many businesses are now moving to this new format of application as they can also drive the business and help in increasing number. BookMyShow, India’s largest ticketing platform, has seen an 80% increase in conversion via PWAs. It also improves the engagement level of the user by pulling them via push notification. As it provides a seamless experience with low data usage and fast load time many users have started preferring them over native apps. MakeMyTrip, India’s leading travel company, has seen 3 times improvement in conversion rates after launching PWA. PWA has contributed very strongly in business with an increase in conversion and revenue.

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